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A tremendous revolution in IPTV world is TiviMate that has won its users hearts, yes!! I can tell you how I enjoyed the application while dealing with few of its dark sides. Here today I have in-depth review for TiviMate IPT V player that you all have been asking about since really long. 

The TiviMate IPTV player is one of the most unique applications introduced by the AR Mobile Dev, which worked hard to develop a useful application with built-in EPG and an extraordinary IPTV Streaming Quality.

I was able to watch live TV channels form my IPTV provider on my android set top box powered with Android OS or Android TV OS.

Ok let’s get straight to the point, what you will find here? Well I love to review IPTV players because I am a traveler and never want to miss my favorite shows. Here I have framed a lot of useful information for readers about what TiviMate really is, its features and much more.

For your better understanding I have separately mentioned pro/cons that will help you analyze either TiviMate IPTV player is your cup of tea or not. 

I suggest you to read the full article before making any final decisions, as tampered or incomplete information may harm your decision.

For my readers who are in a hurry can grab quick information through charts and eventually from the summarized information provided in the conclusion. 

Let’s not waste any more time and dig into the review section of the article, revealing the facts and figures about TiviMate IPTV player that you have been waiting for.

What is TiviMate?

TiviMate is a modern time IPTV player that is designed to work with IPTV services that are dedicated to provide either M3U or Xtream Code servers.

This software do not have ability to provide IPTV live TV channels, instead the application is an updated for of IPTV player with EPG extract form the servers that use M3U Plus or Xtream Code user and password access opening a new IPTV world to you.

You can chose form the two types of versions so the software provided one be the free i.e. a trial version and the other one is a premium i.e. paid version of the software.  

Here are few main features that you should better know:

  • It has a modern user interface for your big screens.
  • It has ability to support multiple playlists.
  • You will get an un-interrupted scheduled TV guide updates o regular basis.
  • It will offer you’re the favorite channels.
  • You can catch-up with its customized options.
  • The app. Provides you option to search and chose as per your choice.

you will not get any TV sources via TiviMate, in-case you want to enjoy live TV channels then you have to add a playlist from your IPTV provider. 

TiviMate IPTV Player Review 2021

The TiviMate IPTV player comes with an extraordinary features, you will find wide variety of free features streaming over the internet that are streaming the live TV over the web using your android TV devices. 

Multiple Playlist 

Multiple IPTV subscription can be added with M3U plus links or Xtream code Login 

Favorites Managements 

You can add your favorite channels to favorite; hence it becomes easy to manage the channels. 

Catch – Up

Now you can have an easy access to the catch-up section of your IPTV provider. 

Customizable Panels 

You can adjust panels as per your choice, making the use simpler. 

Manual Channel Sorting 

Re-ordering the channels is possible making them easy for you to use and understand. 

Turning on the last channel on the APP start 

Switching the TV off and On, on the last channel on the IPTV app. You do not need to start from zero to reach your desired channel. 

Auto Frame Rate (AFR)

You can have frame rate settings, premium features allows you to set AUTO Frame Rate to make the picture much better for your TV.

Channel List 

An easy approach to watch the channel list while you are watching your favorite show on IPTV. 


It is one of the basic feature for IPTV app. In modern day. Without this the IPTV will be like classic cable with no variety and excitement. 


In case you missed your show, not a problem as the IPTV channel can be recording with TiviMate for later playback. 


You will have option to watch more than one channel at a time, if you don’t want to miss both your favorite show and the live match. 

Picture in Picture 

This option is provided in premium subscription only. Helps watch two channels simultaneously. 

Premium features:

Once you unlock the premium features of TiviMate IPTV player, you will be able to get access to following features.

  • Support to multiple playlist.
  • Favorite’s management.
  • Catch – up.
  • Customizable TV guide update intervals.
  • Customizable panels transparency and time out.
  • Manual channel sorting.
  • Turning on last channel on app. Start.
  • AFR.

Live TV & Movies

Top Dog IPTV – Over 3000 live HD channels for 3 months. 

SPORTZ PRIME IPTV – Over 2900 live HD channels per month. 

PROGO TV IPTV – Un-limited channels.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

You will find an innovative feature with TiviMate IPTV that no IPTV player app is offering till now. Yes you will be amazed to use built in EPG guide set up that is also provided in the free/trial version. 

It will make you task simpler by aiding you to watch Live Electronic Guide straight out of the box free of cost.  

How to get EPG? Here are few simple steps that you will have to follow:

  1. Open the TiviMate app and click the Add playlist option.
  2. Click the Enter of URL option that will appear on right pane.
  3. You will then enter the M3U URL provided by the IPTV provider.

(Don’t be panic about when and where to get M3U URL, as it comes from the IPTV service during the account info is inserted. You will be getting total of 2 URLs among those the first one id for channel listing and the second one is for EPG)

  1. Click on the NEXT button, once you enter the URL.
  2. Relax and wait till all the channels are inserted.
  3. After playlist proceed click on the next button again.
  4. Once it’s complete, insert the TV guide and enter the URL option.
  5. Then you will have to type M3G URL while clicking on the done button.
  6. You will be able to import TV Guard. 
  7. Create and account and fill all the fillers required.
  8. Subscribe and enter the payment option.
  9. Here your registration is done, now use maximum form the application and enjoy. 
  10. Login to TiviMate.
  11. Click on the next button.
  12. Chose your account option and enter the required details.
  13. Click on the activate button, once you have selected name of the device.
  14. Once done, click on the complete the process and enjoy the premium services. 

Support Devices for TiviMate Player

TiviMate application is a diverse application that is compatible with all devices that use Android TV as their operating system,

  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Nvidia Shield.
  • Android TV boxes.

If you want to enjoy all the features its mandatory to purchase the premium version, as the free version has limited services for you. 

TiviMate VS IPTV Smarters

TiviMate IPTV Player IPTV Smarters
its supports Android TV, Android STB smart box, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia TV Shield. its supports Android TV, Android STB smart box, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia TV Shield.
iPhone, iPad, TvOS.iOS: iPhone, iPad, TvOS.
Smart TV: LG & Samsung. Smart TV: LG & Samsung.
PC/Laptop: windows 8/10 & all versions of macOS.PC/Laptop: windows 8/10 & all versions of macOS.
Multiple Playlist Limited playlist.
Favorites Managements favorite management
Catch – UpCatch – Up/Master search
Customizable PanelsNo customization
Manual Channel Sorting Manual channel sorting
Turning on the last channel on the APP start Start from the beginning.
Auto Frame Rate (AFR)No AFR.

Premium version

TiviMate IPTV Player

IPTV Smarters

Support to multiple playlist.

Master search. 


Parental control. 

Turning on last channel on app. Start.

Manage EPG sources.

Manual channel sorting.

Speed test & VPN integration. 

Customizable panels transparency and time out.

Player selection & external player control. 

Customizable TV guide update intervals.

Picture in picture view 

Catch – up.

No catch ups 

Favorite’s management.

No favorite management. 

1 year subscription 

6 month limited subscription 

Pro Tip: in my view, I found TiviMate diverse and better than smarter. 

Is TiviMate Safe To Use?

Now this is one of the most asked questions, I get several emails regarding the legal status of TiviMate. So let me elaborate a little for your convenience.

TiviMate is a completely legal app, so no need to get worried. Now what you have to be considerate about is the type of content you plan to stream with the app. 

Region to region legal cases differ, so it the content you wish to search might be illegal in your region. IPTV services that you have subscribed may not have the proper license to play that specific channel in your country or region.

On the other hand any other media company might allow that content legal. So in cases where you watch illegal content via TiviMate may push you in legal issue troubles sometimes. 

Another hurdle that you may encounter is that the TiviMate app is not officially available from the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store directly. These are also few of the main points that raise doubt about the legal status about the TiviMate. 

The problem arises where your government and the local internet service provider can watch the type of content you are watching on your FireStick and the TiviMate as well.

In case you watch illegal content, you may get caught so it’s better to read the local legal terms and condition prior using IPTV players, it will save you from future trouble. 

You can overcome the issue by also using a dedicated VPN for any of your device that you are using to watch IPTV on. You will find many VPNs options among them ExpressVPN is highly recommended for FireStick, as ExpressVPN offers blazing fast speed, complete security protocols and a local app for FireStick. ExpressVPN can help you browse the content on an IPTV service securely and anonymously.


  • Built in EPG guide.
  • Multi view, recording, picture in picture etc multiple features offered.
  • Simple and easy to understand user interface.
  • Compatible with all type of Android based device.


  • Only compatible with M3U and Xtreme based IPTV provider.
  • No TV source provided.
  • Premium subscription is a must for many of the features. 


Cutting the long story short, lets wrap up the review with some important and to the point information for you. The TiviMate comes with lot of offers and services that will allow you to enjoy your favorite show any where, but you have to be particular about the VPN service to stay away from legal issues. 

In case you run into any problem with installation or running of your TiviMate then let me know in the comment section for further assistance. 

Hopefully the review will help you make final, wise decision. Do let me know how the article helped you as it boost my morale and helps me come back with a better review.

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