Pendoo Android 10.0 TV Box Review (2023) – Best For IPTV Users


If you are searching to purchase a brand new Android TV box that possesses all the updated specs but is pocket friendly at the same time. Then the Pandora Android 10.0 IPTV Box should be a top priority in your list of options to consider. 

Pendo has come with exciting news, as it has updated its 2020 Android TV Box and manages to compress all the latest technology in the box. You don’t have to search the market from top to bottom now, just to find the right box.

As I have brought an ideal piece for you in the article. The review in detail explains you necessary information and downside of the product. Eventually helping you to get what you are dreaming about. 

If you are planning to buy something that won’t need updating every while, then Pendoo is a must for you. The best news for you is that its specifications don’t go out of date. 

You will also get a comparison of the Pendoo android box with another top-rated box on market. This comparison will help you make the final decision with confidence.

I recommend you to thoroughly read the article and do not miss any part as it may prove harmful to you in the future. For my busy readers who can’t spare their time to give a detailed read. 

I have made the information approachable and visible to you in my conclusion. You will find the most prominent and useful features in conclusion and I think that would be sufficient for you to make up your mind for Pendoo Android 10.0 IPTV Box. 

Let’s dig into the details, here is everything you need to know.

Pandora Android 10.0 TV Box Review

Starting with impressive specifications and up-to-date features, Pendoo Android has a lot to impress with. I literally fell in love after experiencing high-end features at such an affordable price tag. Definitely, it’s hard to find a combination in the market. 

You will get a robust machine, compared to others in the market. The H616 Quad Core is better than most of the options available on the market. Why it’s better than others? As it offers 4 GB of RAM for quick processing and HEVC H.265, V9 processing. Together can be used by just utilizing half of the bandwidth of the box, unlike the classic boxes. 

What Pandora Offers You? 

The Pandora has the ability to produce a high-definition clear image; it utilizes up to 6K resolution that includes 3D images. This makes Netflix binging ad Prime Video streaming an out-of-the-world experience by providing 1080p HD quality. 

The only limitation that you will encounter is, this picture quality and crispiness can be enjoyed on the big screen only. The Pandora provides 4K quality that can be enjoyed with bigger and clearer screens. For a better and fine experience, I would recommend you to use the box with any renowned TV screen, like Samsun, Panasonic, or anyone you pick. 

While you use the Android 10.0 operating system make sure your popular applications like Netflix etc are free from bugs etc as they should be running smoothly. Unlike Android 8 which had issues in running popular applications due to heavy load.  

You will get unlimited connections to use, like 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-fi and a 100M long-life connection to use. This is to ensure your visual pleasure won’t get compromised with a low-quality connection to your home hub system, I always prefer to provide a GB ethernet connection for the best quality output, but in case you don’t have one, no need to worry as the box will still work well. 

In case you are a customized freak like me and prefer to watch your own content then again you will get unlimited options for yourself. You can get a pocket-friendly version of the box with 3 GB of ROM that will be good enough for you.

But in case you have a good budget then you can use the upgraded version of 64 or 128 GB of ROM. If you are not in favour of upgrading then I have another option for you, you can expand the memory with the help of a MicroSD card that will increase 128 GB on the 32 GB version. In any way, the purpose is to provide enough space so that you enjoy the maximum of the box features and specifications. 


Coming towards the box remote, it’s not a modern one with a slim style. It’s a typical remote that is good enough to operate the TV and the box. One thing that bothered me while using the remote was the lack of a voice command system. As I have been using the voice command so frequently that its absence feels pretty awkward to me. 

You won’t be able to use Google Home or Alexa as well, as the voice command option is absent. Apart from voice control, I did not find any other problem that could potentially harm me at any point. 

Comparison Chart


SkyStream Pro 8K


Train speed Android 10.0

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

Quad-core, RAM, ROM

  • Yes 
  • Yes 
  • Yes 
  • Yes 
  • Yes 

Picture Quality






 Gigabit Ethernet






Voice Control 






Popular application unlocking 



What’s in the Box?


After knowing the worth of Pendoo Android 10.0 IPTV Box the first thing that will pop into your mind will be, what I will get in the box? You might make a vague sketch of getting a lot of wires and batteries but that’s not true. Here is what you will find in the box once you unbox it.

The box comes in a simple rectangular neon blue card box with Pendoo mentioned on its front side. Technical information is also written on the sides, the model number can be found on the base of the box. You will get Pendoo once you open the box, fixed inside thermopile packing to protect it from external shock and to ensure safe shipping. 

In addition to Pandora T95 Android TV Box 10.0 you will get the following aiding gadgets:

  • Cable to HD 3.28 ft.
  • Power supply 
  • Guide manual. 

A warranty card is also provided in the box in plastic packing to keep it safe, red color warranty is written on the card to ensure it stays prominent and visible. 

Key Features Table


Buyer’s Rating 

4.5 out of 5




3.93 x 3.93 x 0.59 inches


Pendoo T95 

User Documentation 





2 AA provided 

Multi-Device Controls 




Device limit 



12.8 ounce  

Technical Features

Android 10.0 operating system

Offers precise compatibility with the latest updated applications and programs.  

4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM

This helps get a big space for content storage and lots of operating power, with the least chance of stacking or slow function. Not only this, but you can also add a micro SD card that will increase 128 GB of storage instantly. Paying a little more will help you get better storage and space for more speedy actions.  

HEVC H.265 and VP9

It’s fast decoding software that saves 50% of bandwidth, enabling you to unlock high-resolution streaming. 

4K/6K Resolution

You will get high-resolution streaming as it is compatible with the Widevine certification. This helps you stream Netflix and Prime Video in HD. 

Additional features

Other important features that you should keep in consideration are listed below; I am pinpointing these for your better understanding:

  • Allwinner H616 Quad Core ARM Cortex A53
  • Mali G31 GPU
  • 2.4 GHz/5 GHz WiFi
  • 100M Ethernet
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • OTA Firmware online updates
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • 5.1 Audio Passthrough
  • Android 10.0 versions, coupled with the rapid and stable configuration.
  • Combines durable 1.5GHz ARM Cortex, A53 CPU with All winner H616 chipset.
  • 6K / 3D video gives you a high-quality video experience.
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi gives you a more stable WiFi signal experience.
  • Supports Bluetooth.
  • Support DLNA / Airplay / Mira cast; share your video to your TV.
  • 4GB DDR3, Watch high-definition video smoothly, not stuck.
  • 32GB eMMC, allows for massive software downloads.


One of the most important features that you have to know before buying a Pendoo system is its specifications. As you know that TV box remotes vary in their function from IR technology to Bluetooth or WiFi technology. The more advanced technology goes the better remotes work and yes, the more will be its price. 

In the case of Pendoo IPTV Android IPTV, if you consider longer run and durability then IR technology universal remotes rank at number one.

WiFi technology has a few limitations, one of the most prominent is if WiFi is unavailable you will not be able to operate the gadget. So IR technology was the prime reason I wanted to recommend Caavo remotes to you.

Point to keep in mind: you will encounter a little delay in opening the content. No need to panic about your remote functioning or ability. It’s just popular streaming like Netflix; Prime TV etc takes a lot of GB to stream In HD quality. So your remote efficiency is 100% but system protocols rake time.

The remote has upgraded and high-quality software, that uses half of the bandwidth to operate popular streaming channels, helping you reduce internet wastage and getting a high-resolution picture in return. 

As I have mentioned earlier, Pendoo will deliver up to 6k resolution with 3D quality video content. This helps you stream content from top-rated and popular content from Netflix and Prime Video in 1080p HD.  

Here are a few very important hardware specifications, that you need to know:








Quad-core Cortex-A53


Dual-Band WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz

LAN Ethernet 

RJ45 Ethernet port(100M)

USB Host

2 x USB 2.0

Power Supply 

DC 5V/2A


Hardware 3D graphics acceleration

Support HD

H.265, 4K 60fps, 6K 30fps HD 2.0

All in all, there is no reason you will not like this remote. It’s efficient, fine, and simple to use. 



The Pendoo Android 10 TV Box has a fast and stable Android 9.0 operation system, with easy to use interface. Mine works perfectly in 4K, I also have an IPTV subscription that allows me to enjoy television.

Now you can enjoy content from iOS/Android mobile devices on the big screen to play games, stream videos, and share photos on the big screen in the comfort of your home.

Just follow a few simple setups to start up, plug the wire into the HD port and connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to start enjoying tens of hound reds of channels and APPs with Pendoo T95 android TV box. 

It supports 6K/4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR. You will experience clarity and smoothness with higher contrast and fuller saturation. Enjoy sharper imagery as you enjoy never before. Providing you with 18 Gbps speed, it has the ability to improve pictures and quality of sound. Altogether, the Pendoo T95 Android TV Box is perfect for watching 6K Ultra HD and HDR video content. 

The remote has a simple design with rubber buttons and discriminated with the help of colors for better understanding. 


The hardware is well-sorted and efficient. Till now I never received any complaint either from my parents or myself. If you consider the speed, range, and strength of its working.

I will say it’s not that efficient because it uses simple IR technology and Bluetooth connectivity to operate connected devices. This limits its range and speed, whereas remotes that are operated via WiFi are powerful with unlimited range.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes it better and advances than typical IR technology remotes. So I would recommend it to all those who do not intend to operate remotely from a distance. 

The Bluetooth connectivity has added one big reason for you to buy it. In remotes that only operate on IR range is low that limits their functionally and no one would pick such remote. So fortunately NEVDA has proved its worth by offering IR plus Bluetooth features to its user. 

One of the best things about Pendoo remote is the two versions of remotes it offers. A manual and a vertical remote, definitely prices vary in both cases but at least you buyers have options.

I have used both of them and I am completely satisfied with their performance. But I am still using the one with buttons as it offers better features and is quite easy to understand. 

But you have to keep the price tag in mind, the horizontal remote is more expensive than the manual one, so now the ball is in your court. 


  • Advance CPU and GPU.
  • 500 GB of storage space.
  • Stream video games from your PC to the TV.
  • Wide variety of channel availability.
  • Comes with headphones.
  • Access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows.
  • Includes both keyboard and remote for operation. 
  • Pocket friendly.
  • No updating is required.


  • The Voice command option is not provided. 


The Pendoo is pocket friendly as it’s designed to help the customer get quality, features, and affordability. It is offering the best price as compared to competitive remotes in the market. You get so many features with this price tag, trust me it’s a difficult combination to find in the market. 

I find this remote really useful and decent at the best price. I have been using Pendoo for 15 years and its price never changed with regular inflation.

They are still selling their systems at the same old price despite inflation in the world. For all those buyers who have a small pocket, Pendoo is an ideal remote for you. 

A pro tip: to improve the functionality, read the user guide. 


If you are searching for something that is both affordable and has modern specs, then the Pendoo T95 Android 10.0 IPTV Box will be a great choice. You will not find a better technology in the market at this affordable price. 

But I have some beans to spill, if you are planning to choose Pendoo over the premium box, then you are making a wrong decision. As I have already mentioned that the only drawback is Pendoo remote, it does not comes with a remote full of features. It does not provide a voice control option, and due to voice control unavailability, the remote does not have the ability to integrate with smart home systems. 

The second most important point I am again reminding you of is that the Pendoo can only provide Prime Video and Netflix in HD and not in full 4K because the box is not authorized by the authority to do so. 

Pro Tips

  • Netflix is pre-installed; make sure you check it at the time of purchase.
  • Remote navigation is limited to a few applications.
  • Download App APKPure to download restricted applications conveniently. 

Here is my honest unbiased review about Pendoo, hopefully, you guys enjoyed reading it and must have grabbed a big chunk of information. Just do leave your comment and let me know how much my review helped you. It boasts my morale and helps me work harder and better in future. 

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