Kemo IPTV Review 2023 – Channel List, Price & EPG

Since people find it really difficult to find the right Internet protocol TV and that’s why in one of my posts I have shared the list of best IPTV sellers that are tested by me. This way in this article I am going to write a complete Kemo IPTV review which is also mentioned in that list.

That post was only supposed to help me in understanding which is a good service but after that, I have been receiving several emails to review each of them. Well! this is why I am here to share with you my experience after using this service and also tell you if this is what you should need or not.

However, just keep in mind that this article will be kinda long because I don’t want to miss anything here and just want to share everything that I experienced so far. This way if you don’t want to read the whole article and simply want my opinion about it then you might like to read the conclusion section instead.

What is Kemo IPTV

As the name suggests Kemo is an Internet Protocol-based television used to stream live channels from the local areas or from different countries in the world.

Kemo IPTV service is packed with thousands of live TV channels whereas, from the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, etc, it also includes some Video-On-Demands.

Kemo IPTV is quite an old service and people who are already aware of these types of services surely know about this or even heard about it before.

Basically, this service requires users to have a fast enough internet connection to stream content on their computer, Android Boxes, STBs, FireTV, and other devices.

Besides this, you can get various other advantages with this service like EPG, multi connections, Movies, Web-Series, Catchup, and support of various devices and so on.

There are probably various other features of this service that we are going to talk about later but one thing to add here is that Kemo is really an amazing service at an affordable price.

How Many Channels Kemo IPTV Offers


Now probably if you are purchasing a service then you surely want to know the list of channels offered by that provider. Well! in the case of Kemo IPTV service they are offering around 15,000 live TV channels.

The channels are both local and international which means you can easily watch your favorite Shows airing only on a specific channel.

Including this, you also get an opportunity to watch channels from different countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, India, and so on.

Before purchasing this service when I saw the list of channels mentioned on their website I thought it was just a bluff and didn’t take it seriously.

But when I actually purchased the service and used it on my TV, I was really impressed because it shows more than Fifteen thousand channels.

Perhaps this was not it as there was also the huge library of video-on-demands that includes movies and also web series from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

After streaming these channels and VODs I noticed that most of the channels and Videos were in HD quality some of them were only in Standard Quality and only a few of these were actually in 4K resolution.

However, the thing that I noticed after scrolling between channels is that the majority of channels offered by Kemo were Sports which means it is a heaven for sports lovers.

Do They Provide Good Customer Service

The next thing that I would add to the Kemo IPTV review is probably customer support whereas there are many people who are not concerned about this at all.

But in my case, I am not like them because I don’t want to end up purchasing a service that doesn’t reply to its own customers and ignore their messages like it is nothing.

Since we are spending our money that means we should also expect them to answer our questions, help us whenever we are in need, and offer a guide to the newbies.

Similarly before ordering from Kemo IPTV, first I tried to contact them by filling out the form to see whether they replied ror not as I usually do this to all the services that I have used so far.

Now coming to the point where when I contacted them using the contact us form I got a reply within 2 hours which is pretty good but it happens all the time unless you buy from them.

So, after receiving a reply from them I simply purchased a 3-months plan where they offer 3 more months for free it means I got 6 months of the plan at the price of 3.

After I get my account information through email I contacted them again just to ask them how to set it up on my device and still they replied nicely and helped me out.

I then start using this service for 2 months at least and after that, I tried to contact them again but this time they were very slow to reply which I was not expecting from them.

In my experience, they offer average customer support to the customer and I couldn’t say it is 24/7 because sometimes they reply to a message after a few hours.

Kemo IPTV Device Compatibility

The next thing that I was concerned about Kemo IPTV is the compatibility of the device since I have many devices at home so I don’t want a service that doesn’t work with them.

So when I looked at their website they mentioned that their service will work on many platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Set-top Boxes, Mag Box, Roku, and so on.

Although I didn’t believe that because previously I ordered a service that was not working properly on my FireTV and after that, I had a trust issue you know.

Well! when I received the details of my order from Kemo IPTV, they provide me with the M3U Playlist URL and also offers Xtreme API login credentials.

Using this information I tried to watch IPTV on Windows so I just used a VLC Media Player and then put the M3U Playlist there, luckily it worked like a charm.

Similarly, I tried it with various other devices and this was working very well with all of them. I used Kodi, Smarters Pro, Smart IPTV, and other applications on different platforms.

Overall talking about the device compatibility then this is the best choice for you because you can watch your favorite TV channels anywhere or on any device you want.

Key Features

  • Kemo IPTV is the best service that offers a plan at an affordable price.
  • This service offers 15,000+ live TV channels from all over the world.
  • One of the best and most suitable services for sports lovers.
  • It also comes with 30,000 Movies and 20,000+ Web-Series.
  • Most of the channels are in HD, HQ, and 4K resolution.
  • Offer users with EPG, and Catchup to stay updated on upcoming events.
  • An M3U Playlist is provided to stream channels on Windows.
  • The service will work on almost every platform you own.
  • Multiple plans for various connections help in saving some money.
  • Offers good customer support but we cannot say the best.
  • Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin as payment methods.
  • 99.99% server uptime and anti-freezing technology for uninterrupted streaming.


  • They need to improve their customer service a little bit.
  • The majority of the channels are of Standard Quality.
  • Some users have faced an empty screen after using it for more than a week.

Payment Methods

Probably Kemo is really an amazing service to get your first to try how IPTV service feels like. But yet there is one more thing that you need to know before ordering which is payment methods.

As most of you are already aware that plenty of services out there are nothing more than a scam as they just steal your credit card or other information right after you place an order.

But in the case of the Kemo IPTV, your personal information including your credit card is completely safe and is encrypted on users and as well as from the seller’s end.

This service offers multiple payment options that include direct payment through credit card, Bitcoin, or Cryptocurrency depending on what suits you better.

To purchase service from Kemo I simply used my credit card for this and actually it was very secure as until now I haven’t faced any sort of problem at all.

My experience with their payment method was really good because when I ordered a plan and payment proceeded they immediately send an account detail.

Pricing and Plans


When it comes to the pricing and plans then the Kemo IPTV is one of the best and most affordable services as they are offering multiple plans for everyone.

You can either purchase a single connection that works with only one device or if have various devices then just buy a multi-connection plan from them.

This is really an amazing addition because with the help of multi-connections you can watch sports while your wife can enjoy TV shows on its TV.

At the time of writing this article, Kemo IPTV offers users the Promo plan where a user can purchase any plan and get a double of it without additional charges.

Let’s say if you are going to buy a three months plan then they will provide you three more months to play IPTV which makes it a total of 6 months with the price of 3.

Ok, so here are the pricing plans of Kemo IPTV 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 connections:

Packages and Plans for 1 Connection

  • 3 Months Plan (+3 Promo Months): 25.00 USD
  • 6 Months Plan (+6 Promo Months): 39.00 USD
  • 1 Year Plan (+1 Promo Year): 59.00 USD
  • 2 Years Plan (+2 Promo Years): 100.00 USD

Packages and Plans for 2 Connections

  • 3 Months Plan (+3 Promo Months): 40.00 USD
  • 6 Months Plan (+6 Promo Months): 70.00 USD
  • 1 Year Plan (+1 Promo Year): 105.00 USD
  • 2 Years Plan (+2 Promo Years): 200.00 USD

Packages and Plans for 3 Connections

  • 3 Months Plan (+3 Promo Months): 60.00 USD
  • 6 Months Plan (+6 Promo Months): 100.00 USD
  • 1 Year Plan (+1 Promo Year): 150.00 USD
  • 2 Years Plan (+2 Promo Years): 300.00 USD

Packages and Plans for 4 Connections

  • 3 Months Plan (+3 Promo Months): 75.00 USD
  • 6 Months Plan (+6 Promo Months): 125.00 USD
  • 1 Year Plan (+1 Promo Year): 195.00 USD
  • 2 Years Plan (+2 Promo Years): 400.00 USD

Packages and Plans for 5 Connections

  • 3 Months Plan (+3 Promo Months): 90.00 USD
  • 6 Months Plan (+6 Promo Months): 150.00 USD
  • 1 Year Plan (+1 Promo Year): 255.00 USD
  • 2 Years Plan (+2 Promo Years): 500.00 USD


Now we are at the end of the Kemo IPTV review because I have described all the necessary things that you need to know before making an order from them. Everything that I have shared with you is actually my experience after using it continuously for around 2 months.

It is because 2 months is quite a long period to understand any service and that’s how I manage to learn about its features, its cons, its customer support, and so on. Once you have read the whole article without missing anything I am pretty sure you also learned everything about this service.

Now let’s wrap things up before ending this article so overall I loved Kemo IPTV because it has less expensive plans thanks to the multiple connection options. They have thousands of live channels to watch, tons of Video-On-Demands, EPG, and Catchup, and offer various advanced features.

However, I am a little bit disappointed about their customer support and if this doesn’t bother you then this is a great service you can choose. They also have a secure payment method to keep your personal information safe & secure and you can pay using Credit Card, BTC, or other Cryptocurrency.

Although I noticed that some channels are of Standard quality and after using them for more than a week you may face the buffering problem. In case you have enough money and want to get yourself the best service with more channels and good customer support then you might love to read about IPTVtrends Review and Xtreme HD IPTV reviews.

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