Is IPTV Worth it? Why You Should Switch To IPTV in 2023


Are you a cord-cutter like me who is willing to purchase an Internet TV and get rid of the old cable network? If so then this is the perfect guide for you where I am going to tell you what is IPTV worth it and why you should switch to an IPTV service. Well, there are probably some other questions you have in mind that I am going to answer here.

The guide is probably for beginners who just heard this term before and even for the old users of this service. It is because even after using it you surely have various questions in your mind. The reason is when I start using this service it was really an amazing experience for me but yet there were a few things that I didn’t know about it.

That’s why at that time I just start searching for these questions but unfortunately, there was not a specific guide that provides all this information. I had to go from one website to another to get the answer to each question which was probably a time-consuming task that wastest me for 5 hours.

Even until now when I search for this I didn’t find any article have all the necessary information to provide new users. In this way, I got an idea why don’t shouldn’t write this guide instead so here I am. If you want to know the benefits, how this service works, and if it is better than cable just make sure to stick with me until the end.

Is IPTV Better Than Cable?

IPTV is way better than any traditional cable, antenna, or satellite connection as it offers tons of features that this old technology lacks. The reason is that this service offers live TV channels, Video-On-Demands, and even Pay-Per-View content to the users in the same plan.

This is probably insane because in any cable network you need to purchase a ticket for some special events which means more money from your pocket. Other than just providing the events you can probably use IPTV service anywhere you want no matter if you are at home or at the office or even on a vacation.

Instead of just watching anywhere this service let you access your favorite live channels or events right on any device including your mobile application. It is probably the coolest thing to have because if you are stuck in traffic and you don’t want to miss the show just open your mobile and start watching it on a bus or a train.

There is yet another thing I would like to add here since I have used these services for quite a while I would say that it has the best picture quality ever. Unlike the cable network, you don’t have to rely on the low-quality resolution on your 4K TV because with IPTV you can access channels in HD, Ultra HD, and even 4K.

How Does IPTV Work?

IPTV is also known as the Internet Protocol TV used to provide live TV channels over the Internet instead of a cable connection. It is quite similar to surfing the internet where it provides a list of the channels that can be opened just by clicking on the title. After that, the servers send that video or channel through the data packets to the internet for streaming.

It is completely different from the old method where the channels were transmitted to the users through radio signals and broadcasted using antennas. But with the IPTV there is no need to have any antennas at your house because it only requires a broadband connection or simply a WiFi network.

Due to this amazing technology, there are plenty of famous companies like YouTube, Sling TV, Peacock, and some others that are getting into it. Although the problem is these sorts of services are only limited to a specific area or a country where other country users won’t be able to use them.

That’s how these 3rd-party services are being used lately because they are offering quite a huge number of channels and of course can be accessed from all over the world. Probably this is one of the best and the most modern way of watching TV because it is budget-friendly and of course has a lot of benefits that we will discuss below.

Benefits of IPTV

How that we know the difference between an IPTV and a cable/satellite network you probably know it’s worth it until now. If not then don’t worry because in this section I am going to elaborate on the benefits that you are going to get. This way if you don’t want to miss this just keep reading this section.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the major benefits that are listed here which means it has other benefits as well that are so common and not worth mentioning. It is because the idea of this article is to help users know if IPTV is worth buying or not so here you will probably know it.

Thousands of Local/International Channels

Probably when you heard the name IPTV the one thing that pops into your mind is a lot of TV channels. That is the fact because IPTV is packed with thousands of live TV channels from all over the world. It doesn’t mean that you will lose your local channels because IPTV also supports local programming so you never miss your favorite shows.

Unlike your local TV provider, there is no need to pay for the additional channels as you will get all these channels in the same package you purchase. Although the best part is all the channels like News, Sports, Lifestyle, Documentaries, and Cooking will be provided to you in real-time.

Video-On Demands

Now let’s suppose you used to watch two or three TV shows but they are not going to air for two days what will you do? Of course, you will sad and these days will feel like a year because you are just getting bored changing channels continuously without knowing what to watch.

In that situation, IPTV got your back because with this you will get thousands of free Web-Series and also the latest and as well as Old Movies. All the content provided in the VODs is completely free as you won’t be charged additional money just like the cable network which means no more boring days because the library keeps updating each month.

Watch Anywhere

If you are like me and want any limitations on where you can watch your TV or not then probably this is one of the best solutions for you. It is because with IPTV you don’t need to worry about it anywhere because you can watch all live TV channels from anywhere in the world you want.

Of course, it is a fantastic option because when I used to travel from one country to another I really miss my shows because in some countries those were not available. Now thanks to this amazing service I don’t need to worry about it anymore because I can simply watch them anywhere I want and the best part is there is no need to use a VPN either.

Device Compatibility

This is simply one of the reasons why I am using this IPTV service because despite being cheap it can also be used with almost all sorts of devices. No matter if you are using a Smart TV or an Android box on a normal TV whether it is Mobile Phone or a computer this service will always be there for you.

It is because as I have mentioned earlier that this service doesn’t have much of a requirement as a user just need to have fast enough internet for this. Another thing to add here is that the IPTV supports M3U Playlist which means it will run on VLC, Mag, and even with the Enigma Boxes.


The last thing to mention in the benefits of IPTV is probably its price because when we look at the pricing of a cable connection then it is probably way too high. Most people can’t even afford to buy one and even if they purchased one they will simply get the few channels that are the worst part.

But thanks to these IPTV services it is a lot easier for everyone to watch their favorite shows because the most common price that we were able to see is roughly $10 to $15 per month. With this little amount of money, we are getting thousands of live channels, EPG, multiple connections, and even Video-On-Demands.

Is IPTV Worth it?

If you are passionate about TV then of course IPTV is worth buying now as it breaks all the restrictions that we used to face in our daily life cable network. We do not need to stay at home all day long just to wait for a specific program as we can simply go out and watch it on our mobile phone instead.

With IPTV a person can also save tons of money because some services offer huge discounts on purchasing a yearly or even 6 monthly plan that is not available on a cable network. Although some services like IPTVTrends offer a lifetime plan where you just need to pay for once and enjoy TV for the rest of your life.

Another thing that shows the worth of IPTV is the number of connections as you can buy a service with multiple connections to use them on various devices without any problem. With this, you can simply watch your favorite sports in the living room while your wife can enjoy daily soaps in the bedroom.

By using an IPTV service you are not contracting to any company which means you can cancel the subscription anytime you want and use another service at any time. It surely offers a lot of freedom while with the cable we have to go through a lot of trouble just to cancel the connection or to purchase a new connection.

Why you should Switch to IPTV

Since I have made everything clear and yet if you are stuck with the same question like why you should switch to IPTV then you may not read it properly. Well! as in the above section I have already mentioned some of the benefits of IPTV, told how it is better than cable, and even shown its worth.

Although switching to IPTV allows you to get more TV channels than before including Locals as well as International. There is no geo-restriction over any of these channels means that can be accessed anywhere you want. Except that these IPTVs offer a huge number of Vide-on-demands to watch them in free time or when there is no TV Show to watch.

That’s not it, you also don’t need to stick with your TV all day long just to watch certain TV shows but you can carry your TV in your pocket by watching it on your mobile or else on the laptop. This is probably the best part of it because I usually used to travel a lot and love to go to different places and yet don’t want to miss my show.

The last thing that I would like to add here is that you can save a huge amount of money because these cable networks charges a lot and of course provides fewer channels than IPTV. So, these are some of the common reasons that are enough to switch you from the old cable network to the new IPTV service.

What are the dangers of IPTV?

There are no dangers of an IPTV unless you are using a trusted service because some 3rd-party sellers provide low-quality servers, may scam you, and even provide illegal or pirated content.

However, you should probably stop buying from any unknown websites as I have already lost too much money on these services. To get you the right choice I have reviewed plenty of these services that you can choose from here: Best EPG IPTV Service

Is there a free IPTV?

There are plenty of free IPTV services are available out there that are packed with tons of live channels and even VODs. But the problem is most of the services just went down without knowing or some just keep buffering or else you face a broken link error while streaming any channel.

Some applications like Mobdro, Live NetTV, and BeeTV provide free IPTV service but I am not sure if they are trustworthy. In that case, I would probably suggest going for the paid service instead of streaming pirated or illegal content.


There is no doubt that the future of traditional cable network TV is this and many big companies have already launched their services in some areas. In today’s article, I have provided a simple answer of what is IPTV worth and also provide some of the reasons why you should switch to IPTV.

With this service, you will see freedom as you don’t need to sign any contract or pay additional money for different connections at your home. It is also providing you with Pay-Per-View Events, live Sports, international channels, and even the VODs to keep you entertained the whole day.

I have already been using this service for a few years and yet I would say that this was a great choice for me to switch here. It probably saves some money and with this am now able to watch TV anywhere I want. Even it doesn’t have any restrictions that enable me to watch channels from different countries which are pretty awesome.

Have you ever used this service before? If so then let us hear your experience and also share what do you like about this service.

Although if you are new here and still confused which service to choose then you might love to read my article on the Best IPTV service Providers.

Just don’t forget to check out this article tell us here about how was your experience with this and did you find the channels that you want or not.

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