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I have been receiving several questions from people asking about the IPTVTrends review for the past few days! As you already know, I have already listed it in the best IPTV Service providers list. Yet there are some people who want to know if this is really worth the money and how many channels we are actually going to get.

Well! if you have these sorts of questions in your mind then here is the perfect guide for you where I am going to share my personal experience after using this service. If you are willing to know everything about it just don’t forget to read this article until the end to understand everything about it.

Although if you are lazy enough to read the whole article then I will probably suggest simply checkout the conclusion section instead. It is because there I have provided my opinion that will help you in understanding this service in a few words but still it is better to check the whole article by yourself to avoid confusion.

What is IPTVTrends?

IPTVTrends is the Internet Protocol TV service that provides users with tons of live TV channels, Video-On-Demands, Live Events, PPV shows, and much more. This can be purchased by any user from anywhere in the world as there are no geo-restrictions contents as they can be streamed from everywhere.

With this service a user will get local and as well as international channels that can be streamed in different languages. It also offers the latest and old movies and the library gets updated each month to offer users new content each time. Besides this, they are offering tons of web series from Netflix, Hulu, and some other apps.

This service works on the internet which means the customers just need to have an internet connection fast enough to watch live channels on TV.

Additionally, they are offering channels in various qualities like 4K, Ultra HD, and HD, and even some channels come in Standard quality.

It is available for many years and until now there are thousands of customers using it including me without any problem. They are not contracting with anyone which is pretty amazing as the users can quit the service anytime they want. The service is just awesome because it works on most of the major devices.

Get IPTVTrends $2.99


How Many Channels does IPTV have?

The priority of everyone who is willing to get themselves a new IPTV service is probably the list of the channels. So, when with this service a user is going to get around 19,000+ live TV channels from around the world. This is pretty amazing because most of the service providers offer roughly 1000 channels that are not enough.

Perhaps it is a fact that a user will roughly watch 2 or 3 channels but in case you are getting bored by streaming the same channel then you can simply scroll between this huge list to find yourself a new choice. These channels are from different countries which means you can get yourself local and as well as international channels.

When I purchased this for the first time after seeing their advertisement as they are offering such a number of channels I was like “it is lame and they will probably scam me”. But when I actually set it up on my Firestick it was really shocking for me because when I saw the library it actually shows those numbers.

Still, I was a little bit confused so I tried to check the channels in which I opened around 100 of them and I found that most of them were in Ultra HD while only 10 were in Standard quality. Although I checked each channel randomly instead of going one by one that means they surely have good quality service.

Does The Provide Good Customer Service?

In previous articles, I have mentioned this many times that if the IPTV provider doesn’t have good customer support then it is not the best option for me. It is because most of the time when I face any sort of issue I just contact them directly to see their response time and also how they answer my questions.

So, when I purchased IPTVTrends for my FireTV my reaction was the same so right after placing an order and receiving the login details from them. I contacted them through their contact form and the results were pretty amazing because they respond to my email within a few minutes.

But still, I was not satisfied with them as most IPTV providers do the same thing as they reply quickly after purchase and then you get ignored when you contact them after a few weeks or a month. To test their response time I again contacted them just to check will they respond or just ignore me like others providers.

Actually, I get the answer real quick just like I was expecting from them and their customer support was as good as they were right after the order. They do have good customer service and you will get a reply from them instantly and also they will help you to fix any sort of issue that you are facing.

What Devices are Supported by IPTV Trends?

The next thing that concerns me the most is the device support because I usually used to watch my favorite shows on TV but when I am out at home I prefer to use my laptop or sometimes my mobile phone too. This way I just checked their website and they were claiming that this service can be used on any device you want.

As you know I don’t trust these claims so instead of just believing them blindly I thought to give it a try on my own. Since I already own a FireTV Stick, Roku, Mac, and some other devices that’s why I use them to see if it works with these devices or not. Well for Firestick it was too easy as I installed the Smarters Pro app and within a few minutes, it was ready to be used.

After that, I give it a try on other devices, and surprisingly it was working with all of them so probably their claim was true. Although for Mac I just used M3U Playlist on the VLC media player because the Smarters App is paid. Since I actually use my mac for streaming that’s why I didn’t purchase the app.

Basically, IPTVTrends offers users multiple login options where you can use Xtreme API (user and pass), or else use the M3U Playlist file or the URL. Instead of this, you can also use this service along with Mag, Enigma, and even on the Android TV boxes depending on what you prefer the most.

Key Features

  • It is the best IPTV service with tons of live channels.
  • Most of the channels are in HD, Ultra HD, or 4K resolution.
  • Offers users with VODs include Movies and Web-Series.
  • A wide range of devices compatibility.
  • Users can purchase different plans to get additional connections.
  • They are offering a lifetime plan at a cheaper price.
  • Offers the best 24/7 customer support by having good communication skills.
  • Each plan comes with the EPG and Catchup.
  • 99.99% server uptime provides buffer-free streaming.
  • Provides M3U Playlist to use on VLC or Mag Boxes.
  • Accepts PayPal, and Credit Card as payment.


  • The pricing plan is quite expensive (yet they deserve it because of the service they offer).

Payment Methods

One thing that I considered the most important is security while purchasing any service only. Although IPTVTrends thinks the same and that’s why they are offering the best and the most secure payment gateway through Master Card, Visa Card, and as well as through PayPal.

Having this you can process your order without having to worry about personal information as it is safe from both sellers and also from the buyer’s end. Perhaps you won’t be charged additionally thanks to PayPal so you can buy the price in the same amount as it shows on their website.

There are some people who prefer to use Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies but I am not of that type as it is easy for the website to scam you. This is the reason why I choose this as one of the most secure and also fastest methods to pay for your order without worrying about scams or your personal information.

Pricing and Plans


Now that I have described all the top-notch features of IPTVTrends you probably wondering what are the pricing plans of this service. If so then don’t worry I am also discussing it here as currently, they are offering users 6 different plans depending on their needs.

These plans include 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years, and the last one is for the rest of your life that I personally liked the most. Although you don’t need to directly go for a lifetime as you can purchase a monthly plan to see its performance, customer support quality, and other things.

Now the best part of this service is that they are offering multiple connections depending on how many months you are subscribing to this service. With one month package, you will get only 1 connection while with a yearly plan they offer 7 connections and for the lifetime plan, you will get 20 connections that are pretty insane.

The pricing Plans of the IPTVTrends are as follows:

  • 1 Month Plan: $18.99 [1 Connection]
  • 3 Months Plan: $50.99 [2 Connections]
  • 6 Months Plan: $80.99 [4 Connections]
  • 1 Year Plan: $150.99 [7 Connections]
  • 2 Year Plan: $250.99 [10 Connections]
  • Lifetime Plan: $500 [20 connections]

Is IPTV Trends Legal?

Of course not, IPTVTrends is completely legal to use and after using it for a few months I have never faced any sort of issue with it. But yet I prefer to use a VPN because it adds more security and privacy to my online activity. Because sometimes your ISP just cut your bandwidth when they see you are streaming a lot.

How to Register to IPTVTrends?

To register IPTV Trends you need to open their website > Scroll down to the Plans section > and Click on Choose Plan. After that click on the Purchase Subscription and from the next screen fill in all the required fields. Once done use a Credit Card to make payments and then you will be provided with User Credentials through Email within a few minutes.


Probably technology has grown a lot if see a few years ago it was almost impossible to watch TV on our computers but nowadays it looks like nothing. Similarly, people are moving towards the alternative of cable connection instead of being stuck with heavy bills and contracts from the service providers.

Because many people are moving towards this alternative it is quite hard for everyone to find the right choice. Thankfully I have used plenty of these services to offer my visitors the best service. Similarly, in the IPTVTrends service provider review, I have shared my knowledge and experience with you.

I have found this service pretty amazing and that’s why I have listed it in the top best IPTV services as well that you might love to read. Overall it is a good service having thousands of live channels, Video-On-Demands, Pay Per View, EPG, Catchup, and compatibility of the devices.

They surely have the nicest guys as their customer support because they respond faster than most of the services I have used and are friendly too. You can simply ask them for anything like a Setup account or fix any problem they will probably answer you with a solution and help you fix it.

I have been using it for quite a while and now I am addicted to it so if you also want something that you don’t want to regret then it is the best option to choose. Perhaps the pricing plans are a bit too high which is not a big deal as they have to maintain their service and offer you good customer support.

Now that you have read the whole review I am sure you have found this helpful too. Or else if you are using any other service excpet this then please don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Also, if you have ever tried IPTV Trends before or have purchased just now then let us know if this is a good service and tell us how you feel after using it.

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