IPTV66 Review 2023 – Is This Good IPTV Service Provider?


The world has never seen such a fast and tremendous advancement in the field of technology as today’s era. Remarkable progress in technology has had and will continue to have an enormous impact on the television and media industries. 

Nowadays, we all have access to our favorite TV channels and content at our fingertips, thanks to emerging IPTV technology.

Today I am going to do the IPTV66 Review, a name in the industry that needs no introduction.  It is a nice IPTV service provider that comes with a long list of TV channels and content. 

In this review, I will dissect IPTV66 and explain its pros and cons. Everything I review here goes through a lot of research and rigorous testing. Moreover, I have used this service myself, so you can believe that everything I will say here is going to be precise, genuine, and accurate.

But before we go any further, Let me introduce it to the people who are unfamiliar with it. IPTV is the short form of Internet Protocol Television. It is the delivery of TV services over the internet.  

It means that you don’t need the old and exaggerated cable and satellite system to watch your favorite TV channels and content. If you are still trapped among these overpriced services, I would strongly suggest you get an Internet Protocol Television. I can assure you that you won’t be going back anytime soon.

Here is a brief overview of what IPTV Technology has to offer 

Easy to set up ( getting an IPTV service is a piece of cake)

Time-saving ( No more need to wait for a specific broadcast at a specific time)

No advertisements during streaming ( you will have an access to the skip feature – both fastly and slowly)

Mobile service ( one can use this service anywhere at any time)

Got a brief overview of what actually is an IPTV service? Let’s know if IPTV66 is worth your hard-earned money.

What is IPTV66?

People are now aware of the overpricing of cable connections and satellite systems; they want to get rid of frequent advertisements that come in the way of the streams. As the trends are now changing, a huge number of IPTV services have entered the game.

IPTV66 is one of the new entrances in the IPTV game, but receiving quick popularity due to its good service and dedication. It is the most complete private server that comes with a lot of TV channels, movies, and VOD content.

In addition, this service is perfectly compatible with a lot of devices and applications that support M3U or IPTV Stalker files. Another thing that I liked about it is that it is supporting Bitcoin payments to ensure user safety and anonymity. This thing is very rare to see anywhere else.

IPTV66 comes with routes that you can choose from. You can buy more than one route at a time. Regardless of the country you live in, you can subscribe to its service, receive a route and enjoy your favorite TV channels, movies, and TV series.

Channel List


A good IPTV service is known by the number of premium channels and content that it provides.  Honestly, it is actually what helps it stand out in the market. Customers value quantity as well as quality when they choose an IPTV service.

IPTV66 comes with a huge 9 hundred plus channels, with over 3 thousand movies on pay-per-view, adult content ( with parental control feature), and all the international streaming services. All of these channels and content are free to consume once you subscribe to this service.

Moreover, these channels come from all over the world. It includes premium channels from the United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Europe, and Asia as well as some African countries. 

It has something to offer almost every family member including kids. These channels contain sports, movie channels, PPV, series, news channels as well as cartoon channels for kids.

In addition, IPTV66 also offers adult/erotic channels that come with parental control features. It comes with a password lock system which means that children will not be able to get access to it. Unless they know the password.

Customer Service

Customer Service is what helps a company grow and prosper by increasing the sales, loyalty of customers, and the amount of money a customer spends on the products of a certain company. Customers leave good online reviews and ad recommendations that emphasize its user experience overview. 

Unfortunately, IPTV66 is not that amazing when it comes to customer support compared to other service providers. However, you can contact their customer support team through an email address which is mentioned on their official website.

Once you inform them about your issues and streaming complaints, it is much more likely that they would settle it for you as soon as possible. Once I encountered an issue while watching a movie, I contacted their customer support team through their email. They fixed my issue within a few minutes.

Supported Devices

IPTV66 is supported on almost every device, and that’s the beauty of it. Have you got an Android device and want an IPTV service? It is here. Do you have an IOS device? It will work. To be honest, there is a long list of devices that are supported by it.

Take a look at the devices which are supported by the IPTV66 service provider : 

  • Android phones
  • Android TV and TV Box
  • IOS devices
  • MAC
  • Mega Box
  • Windows Devices
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Dreamlink
  • VLC Player
  • KODI
  • Apple TV and Macbooks 

Such a big number of supported devices is very rare in the IPTV industry. IPTV66 stands for what it claims. You can rest assured that once you get this service, you will never even think of going back to the old cable and satellite connections.

Payment Methods 

IPTV66 provides give access to the customers to pay for their service through different platforms. It offers bank deposits, and credit card payments( including Visa and MasterCard). It also accepts Paypal payments.

It has just started to accept Bitcoin Payments through different wallets as well as other methods. They took this step in order to assure the customer’s safety and anonymity during the payment. It is a good effort done by IPTV66 to maintain the privacy of the subscribers.

Once you complete the payment process, you will immediately get access to one of its routes. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies, TV series, and channels within no time. 

Pricing and Plans 

IPTV66 is one of the cheapest services in the market. The prices are ridiculously low compared to the services that it offers. This is the actual reason why people prefer it due to its affordable pricing and plans.

The prices start from 2.25 dollars per month which are a lot cheaper than other service providers. Despite that, you will be able to get one route for 6 dollars. Each route server will allow you to have access to an enormous number of TV channels and VOD content. 

Moreover, it also offers a free trial. You should know everything about setting up the IPTV66 before requesting the trial as it only lasts for 4 hours. If it doesn’t fir for your needs, you can change your mind.



As soon as you complete the payments, you will get an email immediately after it. This email contains important instructions. These instructions include login information,  password, and username.

You can use these credentials to gain access to your IPTV routes. Once you gain access to them, you can enjoy your favorite TV channels, movies, TV series, and other VODs immediately.


Take a look at some key pros of the IPTV66 service

  • One of the cheapest IPTV service providers
  • Supports almost every device 
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments – to ensure customer privacy and safety
  • Comes with a huge number of channels, movie content, and international premium channels
  • Comes with a free trial (4 hours long)


These are some key cons of the IPTV66 service

  • the customer support team is not so good compared to other services
  • The trial period is just 4 hours long which is not enough

How To Register for IPTV66

IPTV66 can be registered in the following easy steps. 

1: First of all, choose the number of routes that you want to buy.

2: Choose for how many months you want to use IPTV66 routes

3: After that, select the country where you want to use this service

4: Once all the above steps are completed, select the “Order Now” button.

5:  Select your preferred payment method (Paypal, cash, bank deposit, or Bitcoin Payment)

Once you complete the above steps, wait for an email that will be sent right after the payment. It contains the login information, use those to log in to the service. This is it, you are now able to enjoy all of your favorite TV channels and streams on your Fingertips. 


Technology has changed the way we think about the entertainment industry a lot. More and more people are getting rid of their old cable connections and embracing IPTV services. People are tired of the exaggerated old cable connection and satellite systems and advertisements.

Nowadays, utilizing an IPTV service is a piece of cake. Everyone can avail of an Internet Protocol Television at the ease of a few clicks. While the IPTV is doing its job quite well, no one needs to wait for their favorite broadcast anymore.

IPTV66 is one of the rising stars of the IPTV industry. As I mentioned earlier in this IPTV66 Review, it is getting continuous customer endorsement and recommendations due to its dedication to the user experience and amazing service.

IPTV66 is probably the cheapest IPTV service in the market. So much amazing content, TV channels, and Video-on-demand content for just a few bucks are what makes it superior among the crowd of IPTV providers.

Moreover, it comes with a parental control feature that lets parents hide the type of content which is not suitable for their kids. This portion is protected with a password. It is a user-friendly service that comes with a handsome interface.

In addition, ITV66 comes with a 4-hour long free trial, that will let you check this service with your hands. In case you are not satisfied with the service that it has to offer, you can decide not to buy it.

To make a long story short, you must give it a try if you are looking for a fast and reliable IPTV service provider. You will not be disappointed.

Now that you have read the whole article, I would like to ask for your kind comments and opinion about IPTV66 Review. Also, do share this article with your friends and family as it will help them find their next IPTV service. 

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