How To Install IPTV Smarters Pro on Firestick in 2 Minutes 2023

Did you just purchased IPTV service recently and now looking for the best app to use this service on your FireTV device? If so then you came to the right place because in this article I am going to provide complete instructions on how to install IPTV Smarters App on Firestick.

After I list this application in the top 10 best IPTV player apps many people were asking for a way to install it on different Android boxes. The installation in boxes that has Google Play Store was not difficult so I told them by replying to their email but the problem was with the Amazon streaming stick users.

It is because there was no Google Play Store but rather it is packed with the Amazon App Store where many apps are not available yet. This is why telling each person separately would be difficult and that’s how I thought to make a guide to all those who were asking or to those who are looking for the installation process.

What is IPTV Smarters Pro?

IPTV Smarters Pro is an application used to access Live Channels, Movies, TV Shows and VODs provided by the IPTV service. To use this application a user is required to insert the login credentials given by the service provider along with the M3U file and Portal URL.

With this app, a user can log in to its account using two different options like through user and pass or simply using the M3U Playlist option. Smarters Pro allows the creation of four different users where they can use multiple accounts to manage all their IPTV services in one place.

Except this, it also allows a multi watch feature where a user can open 4 different live channels and watch them at the same time on the same device.

Furthermore, the best part of this app is that you won’t face any sort of advertisements here that is really amazing feature and why it is considered as one of the best apps.

Many people who first learn about the name of the Smarters Pro app think that the app provides free live channels etc. But that is completely false because it is just an app where you can log in to IPTV purchased from other sellers.

This app doesn’t provide anything by itself but it only shows the channels that you get from your service provider.


How To Install IPTV Smarters Pro App on Firestick

Now that I have elaborated the main features of this app then you might be thinking to grab the app but unfortunately, it is not as simple as you think. It is because unlike Google Play Store this application is still unavailable in Amazon Store that means installing it would be a little bit difficult.

Still thanks to Amazon they let provide a feature of sideloading or installation of 3rd-party apps known as the Unknown Apps. It is available in the FireTV settings but many people don’t know about it and it is disabled by default from the developers as they don’t want people to mess with this device.

Although if you have enough knowledge of sideloading an app then you are completely safe to use this feature and also try to download from the websites that you trust. As most of the websites may contain virus within the app that could steal your personal information and leak your current location etc.

Note: In the latest version of FireOS installation of an unknown source can be enabled for each app separately that’s why we will install Downloader and enable the Unknown Source at the same time.

From the Home, Screen move to the right side and then hover to the Find. Now from the sub-menu select the Search option with the Mic icon.


From the next screen using an on-screen keyboard type Downloader and select the first result you see there.


After that, a list of apps will appear there then click Downloader app having orange background.


At this time click on the Download (Free To Download) button from there.


The app will start downloading then just wait for a while until it Installs automatically. Once the app is installed you will see the Open button so don’t click on it just press the Home button to go back to the Home Screen.


Now from there move forward and then hover to the Settings or Gear icon.


After that scroll down and then select My Fire TV from there.


From the next screen, you need to click on Developer Options located under about.


Then scroll down and select the Install Unknown Apps.


Here it will ask for confirmation just hit Turn ON


Unknown Apps installation is enabled, now we need to download Smarters Pro from our website using Downloader and install it on Firestick.

To Install IPTV Smarters App on Firestick follow given below steps:

1 From your FireTV Home Screen move to the right side and then hover to the Apps icon and press Select to see all apps.

2 It will show the list of all installed apps just scroll down and then open Downloader from there.

Once the app is launched then you will be asked for permission to access Photos, Media & Files just click Allow when the prompt appears.


Now this will show a Quick Tour Guide with some instructions just select Got it to dismiss.


A Downloader Home will appear there so now hover to the small box and press the Select button on the remote.


Once the keyboard appears on the screen using this type and then hit the Go button.


It shows Connecting to the Server and then you notice the app is started downloading automatically.


Wait until it downloads and after that, it will show the installation screen there and from here just click the Install button.


The installation will take only a few seconds and after that just click Done (don’t open it yet).


When clicking on the Done you will see a prompt that shows three different Options so just select Delete. Next, you will be asked for the confirmation then select Delete again and the app backup will be removed from the device to save some storage.


This is how we install the IPTV Smarters app on Firestick within a few minutes but this doesn’t end here as we now need to learn the Setup process by following the below guide.

Setup IPTV on Smarters Pro app

Since the installation process was a little bit tough for the beginners but still we got succeeded in installing the Smarters app on our FireTV device. As the first step is completed now let’s move towards the last step where we will learn how to set up IPTV on the Smarters Pro app on Firestick.

This application allows four different ways to log in with your IPTV service depending on what your provider is giving you. But the most common login method that every provider gives is the user and password. That’s the reason why in this section I will provide instructions to log in with user and password.

While making this tutorial I have purchased a service from IPTVTrends that is really amazing and has a various number of channels available. In case you haven’t purchased any service yet or willing to give a try to another one then don’t forget to check out IPTVTrends.

Ok, so here are the steps that you need to follow to setup IPTV on Smarters App on Firestick:

1 Launch the Smarters App on Firestick by hovering to the Applications and then press the Select button to see all installed apps.

2 After that just scroll down and you will see the Smarters App is listed there then press select to launch the App.

3 Once the app is launched then it shows the Terms of Use just click Accept button.

4 From the next screen you select the Add User option.

5 After this you will see multiple options to log in then just click Login with Xtreme Codes API.


6 When you select this option you will be asked to allow permission to access Media, Files & Photos just click Allow or else the app won’t work.

7 At this time you will notice multiple fields so you need to fill as follows:

Any Name: Type your name or anything you want.

Username: provided by IPTV provider

Password: provided by IPTV provider

Portal URL: It can be found on the subscription plan.


Once you filled all the field now just click on the Add User button. Here you see the name that appears on the screen that you typed in the Any Name Section.


Now click on the name from there and then you see a screen that shows Downloading Movies, Series and Movies.


Once the downloading is completed then you can see Movies, Series and Live options there from where you can access content provided by the IPTV provider.


Now we have successfully logged in with our IPTV credentials and you are ready to search your favourite channels/movies or web series to start streaming.


There is no doubt that the people are moving towards the cable alternative known as the Internet Protocol TV a.k.a IPTV. So, once you have purchased this service you probably need to have an application to log in to your account and to access all the live channels, movies and TV Shows.

Now that I have mentioned all the steps to install IPTV Smarters App on Firestick I am sure you are able to watch your favourite TV shows over the internet. It is really annoying that the app is not officially available yet but still thanks to Amazon we were able to install it through the sideloading method.

Despite this, you may find it hard to get the right IPTV service that’s why I have listest some best services for your FireTV device that you should check out. These are the services that I have already used and found helpful so I write a guide on it to help my visitors in getting the best service.

I am sure you successfully installed the app and are watching live channels by now but if you are still having any question then let me know in the comment section below. Also, if you want to show me some love then don’t forget to share this valuable information with others.

It will probably help me a lot to encourage bringing new content daily to my visitors as it will help me to grow this website.

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