What is IPTV Reseller | How To Become Successful Reseller 2023

During this pandemic, everybody is working from home and most of them are searching for an alternative way to earn some money. If you are one of them and want to start your own business then just keep reading this article as here I will talk about what is IPTV reseller and how you can become a successful reseller.

Unlike most businesses this one is pretty simple but yet there are many things that you need to know before getting started if you make a mistake then you might end up losing money. This is why I am writing this complete step-by-step guide that will help you in understanding how things actually work.

Here you will learn about how to become a reseller, how much money an IPTV reseller makes, and how you can find the best reseller panel, and provider. To learn about this amazing side business and make handsome money during your free time just make sure to keep reading this article until the end.

What is an IPTV Reseller?

IPTV reseller is someone who sells IPTV subscriptions to their customer after purchasing them from the IPTV company. The resellers are not referred to as the employees of an IPTV company but they are most likely a freelancer. They have full rights over whom they can sell products, add or manage people, and so on through the reseller panel.

Becoming a reseller of any company doesn’t mean you have to imply the price of the original company instead, you can increase or decrease the price of that plan. However, to sell the product you are required to have a platform that is either a website or an e-commerce shop or also can be sold on Facebook.

It sure looks like a piece of cake but it is way more difficult than it looks because as a salesman you need to make the right decision to get your service. Since there is plenty of reseller panel provider available out there but most of them have the worst quality servers and fewer live channels.

Even though you need to take care of other things does it has channels for the regions you want to target, does it provides VODs, supported devices, server uptime, and so on? Although to overcome this situation I have written a guide where I provide some Best IPTV reseller panel providers that you might like.

Should You Purchase IPTV From a Reseller?

Purchasing IPTV from or reseller or directly from the company doesn’t make any difference in terms of quality or the number of channels provided. Nowadays many companies are getting their clients through resellers instead of direct purchasing because they have many visitors that are hard to handle.

Having too many visitors or customers cause a slow response from their customer support whereas a reseller probably answers you instantly. Furthermore, it is more likely you get a reseller instead of a real company because there is not a big difference between their services.

But before you choose to buy a service whether from a real company or through a reseller there are a few things that you should consider. The first thing is to check if they have enough channels to offer or have the channels or a country you are looking for, another thing to notice is their customer support.

Because having good customer support will help you with any sort of problem like help to set up an account, fixing issues with an app or their service, and so on.

The last thing that you should consider is the server uptime you can check by getting a trial from them and if it has everything that you want then there is no issue buying a subscription from the reseller.

How Much Money Can IPTV Reseller Make Monthly?


Anyone who thinks to start an online business whether it is IPTV, e-commerce, or other, probably wants to learn how much money they can make. Probably this is a completely false question because there is no explanation of how much money a business can provide to the owner.

Similar to that there are chances that a user can generate $5K to $10K per month simply by selling IPTV subscriptions. But still, it is not the actual revenue that you can generate because most people have also shared that they are roughly earning about $1K per month which is enough as a side business.

It is because this business is quite hard to manage by a sole person as the order placement of a customer could be different depending on their country’s timezone. This is why if a person wants to generate more revenue then probably he needs to partner with another person so they remain active 24 hours.

With the help of this, you can also improve your customer support which is the fundamental thing in an online business. As when you remain online you can help customers to solve the problem, answer their questions, and build trust that can help you earn even more money than before.

Can You Become IPTV Reseller?

Of course, you can become an IPTV reseller since many IPTV providers company are looking for a person that can help them to expand their sales. Although to become a reseller you probably need some investments and also require some skills related to salesman to enter this business.

As I have mentioned earlier that nowadays it is quite hard to find a real company as hundreds of people have already entered this business. Since it doesn’t require a huge amount of investment and also you don’t need to have your own products which are more likely risky.

When you become an IPTV reseller you can simply purchase some credits from the original company that can be consumed depending on your sales.

You will become the owner of that business which means you can set the price of any plan and also share different packages like monthly, yearly, or even lifetime.

How to Become a Successful IPTV Reseller

There is no doubt that the IPTV reseller business has low investments but it doesn’t mean that will be easy. It is because just like most businesses this also requires some patience and knowledge as well. As if you directly purchase a reseller panel from the provider without knowing anything then it will probably waste your money.

This is the reason why you need to have a piece of complete information about the business that you are going to start. In this way, you can increase the chances of getting more sales than various providers. To overcome this problem I am going to list some of the fundamental things that you should know to become a successful IPTV reseller in the market.

Getting Brand/Domain Name


The first thing before starting an online business is probably a brand name or a domain name since we need a website to sell IPTV services. Although you can also sell it on Facebook, or Instagram this won’t get you enough sales as having your own website put a nice impression on the customer.

Furthermore, some people don’t even trust social media platforms as it is full of scammers that’s why you won’t get success by selling them there. This is why you simply need to purchase a domain name and then you can install WordPress because it is best for SEO and has a variety of Templates/Themes.

When purchasing a domain name make sure to buy the one that represents your business and also don’t purchase a long name because it will be difficult to remember. Purchasing a simple and easy domain name will help the users to remember it as it is also good for SEO which helps in ranking your website.

Finding a Reliable Reseller Panel Provider


One of the difficult tasks for any IPTV business starter ever faced is to find a reliable reseller panel provider as not all of them are worth your money. To check whether the provider is reliable or not there are a few things that you need to keep in mind whenever purchasing their service.

First of all, you need to send them a message to check the response time because if you face any issue you can ask them instantly. Sometimes the provider might be out of your timezone which may cause some problems that’s why if they have a good response time then you can ask for help at any time.

When you get a reply from them just ask them to provide you with a free trial where you can check the quality of a server and see the number of channels. Since hundreds of IPTV sellers claim they have 50000 to 60000 so getting a trial to help you to check the channels and also you can check their server quality.

Once you checked their service and you find it helpful then you should ask them about the reseller panel interface. This might not look like a familiar question but believe me, it will help you a lot while managing your subscriptions. In case they are using Xtreme Codes then this would be the best for you as others like Zapex, Stalker, etc are hard to manage.

After you have confirmed everything you then just need to purchase their service and start selling it on your own. Although asking from each person might be difficult that’s why I would suggest checking out the list of best IPTV reseller panel providers that are tested by me and are authentic.

Payment Gateway


When you purchase and even started even launch your website it doesn’t mean that your work is done because there you still need to find the right payment gateway. There are probably a lot of payment gateways available but the problem is these are low-risk merchants only, however, to receive payments you probably need to find high-risk merchants.

Basically, a high-risk merchant is a payment processing business account for services that is a risk to the bank of refunds or chargebacks. This high-risk merchant is also used when a business owner earns more than $20,000 per month and even it accepts different currencies.

To get started you can simply choose PayPal or Stripe as your payment gateway but when your business grows you simply need to shift from them and find another gateway. It is because due to high refunds they probably ban your account which means you won’t be able to sell your service anymore.

Packages Plan

Another thing that helps you to become the best IPTV reseller is to provide a reasonable price for the subscriptions. Many newbies who enter this business think that they can become rich within days just by increasing the price of their IPTV subscriptions that is a completely false dream.

The reason is quite simple for the new business owners you first need to build trust among the users by providing the best service at a low price. Other than this when you choose higher prices for the same package that is already available at a low price then people will simply choose that provider over yours.

With this, you will simply lose your customers and no one will buy your service so that’s why just make sure to keep the prices low and affordable so anyone could buy it. Just like any offline business this one also requires patience and time to grow so instead of increasing the price just work on the quality.

Providing the Best Customer Support

If you are willing to win the heart of your users then just make sure to provide them with the best customer support. Many of the IPTV sellers lack this thing as the customers have to wait several hours and even days to get a reply. In this way, that same customer will never return to them because of having poor customer support.

To become a successful IPTV retailer you need to overcome this problem because the competition is quite tough and many new providers are coming into the market. Even if you think that you are targeting a specific country then you don’t need to keep active for 24 hours then you are wrong.

Because no matter what you do someone from a different timezone will probably make an order and if they didn’t get any response they will probably dispute payment. To overcome this problem you just need to find a partner from a different country or have to work different shifts.

Is Selling IPTV Illegal?

Selling an IPTV service is completely legal and you can simply start your own business just by purchasing a reseller panel from the original service provider. On the other hand, this might be considered illegal unless your provider has owned the right of streaming that content or channel.

In other words, if the service provider that you choose doesn’t have any copyrights of the content that is being broadcasted then it refers to piracy. As you know that pirating content is completely illegal and if you sell that product then you are also doing the same thing that might lead to a serious problem.

This is the reason why you should always ask the provider if they have the rights to that content and then you can purchase a reseller panel from them. Otherwise, just make sure to avoid that act and keep yourself safe from piracy simply by finding a trusted seller.


That’s all for today’s guide as you have made it to the end I am sure that you got all the necessary information related to becoming a successful IPTV reseller. Of course, I gave highlighted everything that you need to know before starting your own business and also provide an answer to what is IPTV reseller.

There is no doubt that it is the best and low-investment business but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do it yourself. As it still requires some work and with good salesman & conversation skills you can probably attract more and more customers to subscribe to your service.

Also, you should have some knowledge of SEO that will help to rank your website or else use Google Ads to promote the site so that the users can see it. With some little effort on your side, I am sure you can make thousands of dollars each month just by following the instructions provided here.

Other than this if you are still confused over anything or need any sort of help please let me know in the comment section. If I have knowledge about it I will probably glad to help you. Also, if you already own this business or have any other suggestion then don’t forget to share with us.

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