GSE IPTV Player Review 2023 – Is This Safe App For Streaming IPTV


The easiest part in the process of getting an IPTV subscription itself as all you have to do is pay some money and get your subscription. The hard part comes once you get your credentials, and now you have to figure out how to get started with your IPTV subscription.

Here in this GSE IPTV Player review, we will tell you about one of the most beginner-friendly IPTV applications for your Android, FireStick, Android TV Box, Windows, and Apple devices. 

Now before we get right on with the review of the GSE IPTV App, we first need to learn what is an IPTV and what is an IPTV Player. 

IPTV is a newer technology that lets you watch a Live TV stream using your Internet connection. You get many features and benefits by getting yourself an IPTV subscription.

The first and foremost benefit is that IPTV subscriptions tend to be a lot cheaper than your traditional cables. You also get a lot more premium channels using any IPTV subscription. 

IPTV streams are also of the best quality and can sometimes go up to 8K. Other features in an IPTV include an Electronic Programming Guide, where you can get basic information about the show you are currently watching.

You also can catch up with the shows you have missed using the Time-shifted Media feature. 

So, now we need to learn why we need to use an IPTV Player to use IPTV. Of course, the ideal solution to watching your IPTV subscription would have been to just log in to your provider’s website and start watching right there, and to be fair, many IPTV providers do that.

However, to access your IPTV Provider, you sometimes need to use M3U or Xtream Playlists URLs which can be accessed using an IPTV Player. 

These IPTV players also allow you to use most of the features given to you by your IPTV provider, like access to Video-on-demand, Pay per view events, and more. So that is the reason. Ideally, you use an IPTV Player for your IPTV subscription.

So, let us get right into the review of the GSE IPTV App Review with that out of the way. For those of you who do not want to sit through the entire article and read it word by word, I have written a Too Long; Did not read the version of this article in conclusion. 

What is GSE IPTV Player?


The GSE IPTV App is an IPTV Player that has become a very popular choice for IPTV Enthusiasts worldwide. With many downloads on the Google Play Store and 4 out of 5-star ratings, GSE IPTV App has everything you need and more for enjoying your IPTV subscription. 

I normally switch to and fro between IPTV Player Apps to find the best experience for myself and my family. However, after landing on GSE IPTV App, I have found that this is one of the most stable and user-friendly apps in the lineup of IPTV Apps.

GSE has everything, and more you would want from your IPTV Application. It supports M3U, Xtream, and JSON for logging into your IPTV service. 

The Video player in the GSE App is extremely powerful and can play almost any codec under the sun. So if you are just looking for a local media player, then the GSE IPTV App does the job very well.

The Interface of the GSE IPTV App is very easy to use and beginner-friendly.

You can also dynamically switch between your phone and TV while using this application and start your show from right where you left off.

With the ability to support different APIs and URLs for watching IPTV subscriptions, I am pleased to note that it also works very well as an IPTV manager as you can manage multiple subscriptions from this app. In addition, you will not need to install different apps to watch different IPTV providers.

GSE IPTV App is available on Android, iOS, and Firestick, and you can download it from their respective application stores. However, installing the app on the Amazon Firestick will have you done a few extra steps as you will need to sideload the app onto it.

With the brief introduction of the GSE IPTV App out of the way, let us get right into some of the application features and how well they work. 


GSE IPTV App is a feature-rich IPTV player application that allows you to watch your favorite IPTV Subscriptions and play media files from your local disk. , However, let us get into all the individual features to understand the app better.

Live TV

GSE IPTV App is a great application that allows you to play and manage your IPTV subscriptions. With support for managing multiple IPTV Subscriptions, you will not need to use any other application to switch IPTV providers. In addition, the application lets you log in to your subscriptions using M3U URLs, Xtream API and JSON. 

During my time using GSE IPTV App, I was very happy with the intuitive nature of the application. My IPTV watching experience was extremely seamless, and I never noticed a frame drop during my usage.

The quality of the stream was also immaculate, and the colors were also on point. You also get the ability to use the electronic programming guide during your live TV watching session. 

With GSE IPTV App, you also record your shows right onto your local media storage. There were no frame drops or jagged edges in the recorded streams, and the recording was of the highest quality possible. 

You can also manage your channel playlists using GSE IPTV App. You can delete the channels you do not want in your playlist. You can also set a Parental Control lock on the application so that your children can be safe from the content they are not supposed to watch.


If your IPTV provider gives you Video-On-Demand services, then the GSE IPTV App is the perfect platform for watching all those movies.

IPTV providers normally have a huge catalog of movies that are in many different languages. The GSE IPTV App is the best platform for you to avail of those Video-on-demand services. 

If you have movies on your internal flash storage device, you can access those movies and play them back using the GSE IPTV App. You also do not need to worry much about the file format as the application can play most of the file formats under the sun.

Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)

One of my favorite features that I used to pay extra for on my cable network, yet I get it now for free on my IPTV subscription, is using an Electronic Programming Guide.

This helpful little guide will show you what you are currently watching. You also get an entire programming schedule in the Electronic Programming Guide. 

If your IPTV provider provides you with an Electronic Programming Guide, you can rest assured that GSE IPTV App will support it. The Interface of the electronic programming guide is very clean and shows you everything you need to know about the show you are watching.

TV Shows

With GSE IPTV, you can watch your favorite shows by logging into your IPTV provider using Xtream API, JSON, and M3U URL. You can also record any of the TV shows you are currently watching using the built-in recorder. 

As a result, there you have missed your favorite TV show for some reason, you can use time-shifted media to replay that show using the GSE IPTV App. This will allow you never to miss a single episode of your favorite shows. 

The Video-on-demand services work very well on GSE IPTV App, so if your favorite TV show is on the catalog of your IPTV provider, then you can sit straight for a binging marathon and watch it to your heart’s content.

If you have stored your favorite TV show on your Internal storage device, you may also use GSE IPTV App to watch it as its powerful video player can play almost any of the popular codecs with ease.

Is GSE IPTV App Free?

On the surface, GSE IPTV App is completely free to use. You can access most of its functionality like the IPTV Player and Video player without paying a single penny to the developers.

However, you will need to sit through many ads during your time streaming your IPTV, which can get intrusive and annoying at times. 

So for those who do not wish to sit through the ads, you can use In-app purchases to buy the premium ad-free version of the app. This will get rid of all the intrusive applications and give you a clean IPTV experience. 

Is GSE IPTV App Legal?

GSE IPTV App as a platform is completely legal to use and does not carry any infractions under the law for you to use it. However, the illegalities may lie in whether you get your content from a provider infringing on the creative copyrights of copyright holders. 

So, if your IPTV Provider has all of their content licensed from the distributors, you do not need to worry about infringing any copyrights.

Is GSE IPTV App Safe?

GSE IPTV App is completely legal and safe to use. You do not need to worry about any malware or backdoors in your device while using the GSE Smart IPTV Application. You can also use a VPN alongside GSE so that your activities would remain safe from your ISP.


Well, that is it for our review of the GSE IPTV App. If you are looking for an IPTV Player App with a smart and intuitive interface that is also very beginner-friendly, then GSE IPTV App is for you. This is a full feature-rich program that will not keep you wanting any more from your IPTV Player App.

You get all the features that you would need from this application. These features include a powerful inbuilt IPTV Player, Support for VPN, Video-On-Demand, an Electronic Programming guide, and so much more.

You can also manage multiple IPTV subscriptions eliminating the need to install various IPTV player Apps for them. You can sign in to all the IPTV providers that support the JSON, M3U URL, and Xtream API.

You can set up parental controls on GSE IPTV App, which allows you to keep your kids away from any content they should not be looking at.

All in all, this GSE IPTV App is a great IPTV app that has earned my recommendation.

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