Gears TV HD IPTV Review 2023 | Read Before Buy This Service


IPTVs are getting a lot of popularity these days. They are portable and very easy to handle. Furthermore, IPTVs are also very convenient to use and they are the future of the television industry. Gears TV IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV services available out there.

The company promises to offer seamless and crystal-clear streams of high quality. Furthermore, the Gears IPTV operates at a very high technological level.

Therefore, it delivers fast performance. Users experience no lags or any drop in the video quality when using the Gears TV IPTV product.

The system operates on several 10GB servers which ensures that users experience smooth video quality. Furthermore, Gear IPTV also implements load balancers into its system. This helps users to have access to their favorite channels, seasons, or movies any day, and any time.

This also helps the company to have easy access to the system for any system maintenance or clean-up. Another best highlight of the product is that it has worldwide access. Therefore, users can enjoy channels, dramas, or shows from all across the globe.


Gears TV HD is your modern solution for high definition and clear streaming and it is a high-performing, non-buffering system with traffic load balancers that keeps everything maintained and easy for you.

Gears TV is accessible on multiple devices

without any connectivity issues. Users can also connect multiple devices at one time. Therefore, the entire family or friends circle can watch their favorite shows at the same time on their respective devices. Users also experience 24 hours service with unlimited bandwidth which does not compromise picture quality.


Gears TV channels are provided in three categories including USA Channels, UK Channels, and Canadian Channels. USA channels include all the major entertainment channels with 24 hours entertainment services including channels like;

Cinemax5-Star Max
HBO Starz Comedy
Antenna TVBaby First
Cars TVCartoon Network
CMT Music Cooking Channels
Discovery FamilyDisney
Disney XDDisney JR

and other 400+ channels with premium IPTV solutions. 

Premium sports and PPV are all available in 1080p quality. These changes run without any buffering and without any distortion as well. Users just have to pay for the ones they want and you are good to go.


 Customer service is one of the major concerns on Gears TV. In addition to providing high-quality work, customer satisfaction is the top priority of the company.

There are people available to assist customers from the beginning on how to install the programs to teach them how to do payments and also methods to enjoy the services to their full benefit.

A team of experienced technicians is working 24 hours a day to provide customers with the best available services and to answer any questions they might have regarding Gears TV.

Phone numbers and email addresses are available on the internet for the public, and you can always call and ask about any kind of information.

Again, Customer Satisfaction is given a top priority and the company is always very active in resolving issues. If customers are not satisfied with the product by any means, the company also offers to replace the package without any extra cost


 Supported devices include all kinds of;

Smart TVsiPadsPC
PlaystationsAndroid devices Laptops
Nvidia Shield TVApple TV 4KXbox One

You can download any content and even games anywhere with ease. All Apple products are compatible with this service providing you with the treatment you deserve.

The useful thing about having multiple devices is that you don’t have to miss any programs you are watching just because you are not at home. You can always connect it to your smartphone and take it with you wherever you go.

Furthermore, there is no restriction on how many devices you can connect with the IPTV service. Therefore, users can stay connected to their favorite shows at all times.



Making payments is very easy on the Gear IPTV service. Users can pay for their services on the go or they can also opt for regular payment deductions from their account on a monthly basis. However, the most basic and popular methods of making payments for the Gear IPTV services are;


Master Card 

Visa Card 

Almost everyone has access to these methods of payment and therefore, the Gear service is accessible to all. There is no traditional bill system or letter system which used to be implemented in the past.

In fact, these services are very fast and users do not have to wait much for their payments to get accepted. The payments are secured and there are not many risk factors associated with them.

Users also get notified through emails or SMS texts when their payments are accepted and the amount is deducted from their accounts.


The service offers different plans and pricing methods. Users can choose from different plans and decide the ones which suit them the best.

One most popular packages these days is Gear IPTV 2021 Spring Sale Plan. According to it, users have to pay 20$ for 1 month and get 2 months for free. The package is more valuable for less money.

It allows users to connect up to 5 devices with 400+ channels and 24/7 customer support. Users can also add extra devices and can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth. There are other packages as well such as an Economy package for 10$ or Business packages for 40$ and also Business Packages for 60$.

Users are also free to decide if they want to go for just a 1-month subscription, 3 months subscription, 6 months, or even 12 months subscription. Pricing can vary according to the number of months users decide to use the services.


The application is very easy and it varies from device to device. It is very easy to apply to Smart TVs. Gear IPTV is accessible on multiple devices and mostly requires users to just download the app and connect their device to their purchased package.

The remaining procedure is very easy then and users can learn how to use the application without any hassle.


Gear service is one of the most technical and expert services available. The team has more than 20+ years of serving customers and providing IPTV services. Therefore, users can use the product without any tension as they are in safe hands.

Customers have access to the service team 24/7. They can always contact the customer service team at any time and someone is going to come to their aid. Gear IPTV puts customer satisfaction as their top priority and they work 24/7 to keep their customers satisfied.

The product is designed with proper hardware and dedicated servers. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about their product breaking down at any time or running out of service.

Gear IPTV is a worldwide recognized brand. Therefore, there are a lot of satisfied customers who claim that Gear services are professional and they deliver exactly what they claim.

There is a chance that you might exceed your bandwidth limit working with other networks. However, Gear IPTV offers unlimited bandwidth which means no limits and no restrictions of any sort.

Gear IPTV also offers one of the best pricing and packages as compared to other IPTV services in the market. Therefore, they attract more users and customers who have already purchased their services and like to use them for the long term.


  • Easy access to PPV events
  • Access to Fantasy Football 
  • NBA Channels 
  • Live Sporting Events are always available
  • Shows available in several languages 
  • Customer Service is available 24/7 


  • You need to stay connected to the internet 24/7 in order to keep enjoying your favorite shows at all times.
  • A slower internet connection is going to affect your experience of using this service.


Gears IPTV is a legal service across the world by all means. Service providers all over the world need to purchase licenses in order to broadcast on different channels around the world.

The same applies to this service as well. There has not been any reported issue of content stealing or violation of copyright laws from the Gears TV Company. Therefore, we can expect their services to be legit and legal.


Gear IPTV is a very authentic and worldwide-known product. Users benefit from their services all over the world and claim their services to properly value money products.

For people who like to watch a lot of media and want to experience something better than standard television services, Gear IPTV is a must-try.

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