Expedite TV IPTV Review 2023 – 6500 Live TV Channels & VODs


As we move forward into a more wireless future, the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) industry has been innovating to compete within itself. Despite there being a lot of competition with non-traditional competitors like Netflix and Hulu, the live TV watching experience is something that many consumers are still willing to pay for every month.

Gone are the days of the dangling wires and huge receivers on your roof to get a TV signal to watch what you want to watch as the IPTV industry has gained some popularity recently.

Now if you are looking for a reliable IPTV experience, then Expedite TV IPTV is one provider you should consider. So, here in this article, we are going to go through the service offered by Expedite TV and see whether they are worth spending your hard-earned money on.  

What is Expedite TV IPTV?

Before we dig into what Expedite TV is, we first need to learn what an IPTV or Internet Protocol TV is.

An Internet Protocol Television uses the Internet to provide the user with Internet content instead of using traditional cable TV or Dish Antennas.

Using the Internet for the stream comes with the advantage of higher quality and higher fidelity, however, there may be some lag in the stream if your Internet speed is not on par with the requirements of the IPTV provider.

With that out of the way, Expedite TV is a provider of IPTV to consumers and businesses it offers around 12000 Live TV channels from all over the world with many premium channels on the list.

They also have a video-on-demand service that lets you view movies and TV shows from their catalog of over 25000 videos. Apart from that, a single subscription allows you to log in to at least 4 devices at the same time. 

So, with that overview done, here are some more aspects of Expedite TV which you need to consider before making your decision. 

Channel List

Expedite TV has an immense collection of channels you can watch from all around the world. The list of channels includes all the Premium channels like Nat Geo, Ten sports, Cartoon Network, Disney, and so many more. These channels are in HD 720p or Full HD 1080p resolution.

So, if you have a channel in mind that you want to watch, the odds are strong that getting an Expedite Connection will bring it to you. 

The Video On Demand Service is also worth noting as you get a set quota you can watch for your subscription. Expedite currently has around 25000 movies and shows that are available to its subscribers.

Customer Service

Expedite TV has a Live Chat on their website where subscribers and Potential subscribers can leave their questions along with their emails.

Customers also have the option of contacting them through Skype. They also have a phone number and an email address where they can be reached.

Supported Devices

If you have a Media device that you have bought in the last 7 years, then it is probably compatible with Expedite TV. However, to be more specific here are the devices that are compatible with Expedite. 

  • PC
  • PS4/Xbox One
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Nvidia Shield 
  • Apple TV
  • Android Smartphones with Android Lollipop and above 
  • iPhone 5 and above
  • iPad 2nd generation and above

Payment Methods


You can pay for Expedite TV through standard payment methods by either using your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card and PayPal. There is no option currently for paying them through Cryptocurrency. 

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • PayPal

Pricing and Plans

The good thing about Expedite TV is that it lets you try their services for free for the first 24 hours. They do not ask for your card details as you do the trial. Once those 24 hours are up, they offer you many plans which let you pay for a single month or the entire year.

A month of Expedite TV costs 25 dollars which lets you access 6500 premium channels and 15000 Videos on demand with 5 devices. A bang for the buck option we recommend is getting the three months which costs 60 dollars saving you around 15 dollars.

If you are someone who just needs to use it on a single device, then you can get the same subscription for just 10 dollars a month. 


Expedite TV does not have a dedicated App for its IPTV services which is why subscribers need to install a Lenox Media player to connect to Expedite TV. This may involve a fair bit of tinkering which is a negative as this is a bar to entry that many potential users may not achieve because of the lack of technical skill. 

Here are the Pros and Cons of Expedite TV


  • Offers a great bang for the Buck
  • 24-hour trial period
  • HD and FHD Resolution
  • 6000 Premium Channels and 25000 VOD


  • IPTV limitations because of Internet Speeds which may cause lag
  • No dedicated App and relies on Lenox Media Player

How to Register for Expedite TV IPTV Service

Here is what you need to do to register for Expedite TV IPTV Services:

  • Go to the Expedite TV Website
  • Scroll down and choose whichever plan you want to get
  • Click on Buy Now on your chosen plan
  • Put in any promo code you may have and click on Checkout.
  • Put in your personal and Billing information along with a password of your choosing.
  • Select your payment option.
  • Viola. You have registered for Expedite TV IPTV Services.


So here was my review of Expedite TV IPTV services. So, to conclude, if you want a reliable IPTV service with an enormous collection of channels and Video on Demand then Expedite TV IPTV Services is an option that you should consider. 

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