BuzzTV XRS4500 Review 2023 – Android 9.0 IPTV Set-Top Box 4K


In case you’re looking around for a leading brand in the media box industry, this is the right place for you to find out which media box is perfect for you and why you should have it. 

While being a crazy streaming device collector, I have used several streaming devices to see which one works the best for me or not. So in this article, I provide you with genuine and guaranteed information about one of the best ones out there including pros and cons.

Being the descendant of one of the great models by BuzzTV, XRS4500 was followed by great success. BuzzTV redefined the IPTV set-top box in terms of performance, materials, and innovation.

BuzzTV XRS4500 comes with a high-end micro-SD 128GB card specified for android devices only. It is a redefined IPTV set-top box featuring; 4GB DDR RAM, 64GB memory, Dual Band AC Wi-Fi, BuzzTV4 player, and wireless, BlueTooth backlit remote control.

With a full system backup and restore, this beast features a premium set of materials and designs. It is powered with 2X Energizer AAA batteries.

Since BuzzTV XRS4500 is the ideal option for you, make sure to read the complete review article in case of further queries.

What Will You Get With BuzzTV XRS4500?

After deciding to invest in BuzzTV XRS4500, one thing that may occur to you is what’s in the box. You might think of getting a TV box with wires, batteries, and other miscellaneous stuff. But, the BuzzTV XRS4500 box contains a lot more than that.

The XRS4500 media player comes in a rectangular box. The box is customized and compact with the BuzzTV logo on it. The famous BuzzTV hexagon print increases the charm of the logo.

The box includes an HDMI cable and a power adapter. The power adapter is a bit tricky to install. But a little trial and error will make it work. The whole setup is made easy to use with a quick start guide that also comes in the box.

Furthermore, authorized BuzzTV dealers provide one year warranty for the media box and a 60-day warranty for the remote. The warranty card comes enwrapped in plastic packing.

Since we all know that a good IPTV belongs to a reliable and dependable brand. BuzzTV is a brand in the industry that delivers the exact features as claimed.

While making sure the users enjoy futuristic technology, it fulfills all your needs in one frame. Not to mention the creative and powerful payoff that makes it one of the best in the industry.


Key Feature Table

BuzzTV XRS4500 is a feature-packed media box with premium design and materials. It supports the latest Android versions with its updated processor. This relieves users from the worry of compatibility because the processor runs with the newer apps as well.

Moreover, XRS4500 also comes with 4 GB DDR RAM, which is a good option for IPTV users. This results in a high-quality image giving you a next-level experience.

BuzzTV XRS4500 gives 16 GB of internal storage, to begin with. The value and thoughts provided in terms of professionalism is a clear indication that it is one of the best in the market.

In the long run, it makes sense to have such great storage space and connectivity options. Some other features provided by BuzzTV in their upgraded XRS4500 are as follows;

ManufacturerBuzz TV
Dimensions8.39 x 5.98 x 3.03 inches
Customer Reviews  4 out of 5 stars among 101 global ratings
Item weight  1.56 pounds
Storage  64GB internal memory with 4GB DDR4 RAM
Power input  5V 2Amp adapter
NetworkingUSB HDMI and Wi-Fi
PriceCheck Price


Operating systemAndroid OS 9.0
ResolutionHD 2.1 up to 4K ( 3840 x 2160) with CEC, HDR and HDCP
Video OutputHigh definition with 1920x1080 pixels
CPUAmlogic S905X3 64-bit quad-core ARMⓇ Cortex A55
RemoteDual IR+Backlit remote
Wi-Fi2.4GHz + 5GHz + 2X2 Wi-Fi
Card readerTF Cards in Micro SD Card slots


BuzzTV XRS4500 has a unique interface that allows you to navigate with its advanced TV system. This helps the users to browse all of their content with an understandable and organic experience.

In case you own the newer generation BuzzTV 4, the theme is the same and has not changed for good reasons. Hence, it is helpful in making the interface user-friendly and keeping fluidity in all its capabilities.

In addition, the sleeker and 2X faster interface allows quick, one-button access to your favorite shows.

Because of the interface, I have been using it for so long. One downfall is that the downloaded applications do not have a shortcut in the apps folder on the screen. The users can only access them using google play. But this problem is reported to be fixed in the next update.


Hardware is such an underrated quality most people ignore it. Thoughts put into the manufacturing and hardware show the professionalism of the brand. So far, I have not faced any issues since the XRS4500 is well-sorted and efficient.

The XRS4500 media box is quite larger in size than its predecessor model XRS4000. The media player has a curved housing cover with a glossy black finish. The most prominent feature that makes it stand out the most in the industry is its LED BuzzTV logo.

The logo has different color statements for different connectivity statuses. The usual buzz icon when there is no network is the cyan light logo.

The logo turns blue when the network is connected. The red light shows a standby state and the lantern LED  gives an indication of USB device access. 

Apart from that, the power adopter protrudes 2-3 inches out from the wall and resembles a shaver-style plug. I had to buy a swivel outlet adapter in order to fit it still behind my TV.

In terms of connectivity, this great unit comes with a Dual IR and Bluetooth remote control. The remote control is backlit to prevent users from accidentally pushing the wrong button. Along with Bluetooth, users also get options for Wi-Fi with HDMI 2.1 support.

Consequently, these features increase efficiency and browsing performance without any worries. Considering the need of the users to browse the content on-demand,

the BuzzTV XRS4500 gives an astonishing outcome itself no matter the situation. Overall, this media player will transform your life in the good possible way with its high-performance specs and innovative software. 


This media player has nothing to hate because it fits well with Buzz TV’s slogan “All your needs in one screen”. Following are some of the pros to help you make a sensible decision:

  • The remote is backlit
  • Supports multiple launchers
  • Smooth as butter with a user-friendly interface
  • One year warranty
  • Durable with android optimization


  • Downloaded applications do not appear in the apps shortcut
  • The power adapter is not as compact as previous models




In addition to being user-friendly, the remote is pocket-friendly also. It is designed to provide easy access for the majority.

The feature and the quality along with the affordability elevate XRS4500’s standards among other competitors. Trust me when I say it is THE perfect remote for the price tag.

I have been using the BuzzTV XRS4500 ever since it came out in 2019. Still to this date, I have never thought of switching to another remote.

Considering its price, it offers pretty useful and decent services.

Despite all these updates still going on, the BuzzTV is still charging the same price for XRS4500 i.e. $149.99. Hence, the remote should be an absolute choice for you.

Should You Buy XRS4500 Android 9.0 IPTV Box

Yes, you definitely should. While standing out in the crowd with its incredible features for an affordable price, the BuzzTV XRS4500 is the ultimate option for tech lovers.

From great connectivity to USB 3 support, BuzzTV XRS4500 has it all. The fast and efficient remote is a pleasure to use. After raising the bar with this beast, BuzzTV introduced a supercharged processor and thermal reduction metal base.

Including the HDR support will make the movies look great and the visuals alluring. A full system backup will help you restore the data of your choice. The middleware and system keep on updating for you to run the latest version.

All in all, the BuzzTV XRS4500 is definitely economical, since it comes with lots of customization and details to deal with. It’s worth a try! In fact, you get what you pay for!


You may not have any more questions after today’s review. This article is inclusive of all the information about the XRS4500 just the remote itself is inclusive of all the specs fitting your demands.

This “Everyone’s TV Box” is literally made for everyone whether it be hobbyists or newbies. Because based on my experience, the BuzzTV XRS4500 covers all the demands of the users.

XRS4500 is an ideal choice if you love to experience upgraded media performances. 

Falling in love with the services provided by BuzzTV a week after using it, I decided to provide you with this valuable content. To meet your search intent, the BuzzTV XRS4500 focuses on a sense of value and professionalism. 

While constantly bringing a pretty impressive performance, this media box gives you the features and price you are looking for. Most of the users appreciate the attention provided to the design of the logo and relatively fast channel zapping.

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