Blerd Vision IPTV Review 2022 | Is This Good Service Or Not

Today in this blog post I am writing a review about the well-named service Blerd Vision IPTV, if you are interested in knowing the effect of this service provider then stay with this review post.

IPTV system is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Due to the wireless technology it offers, many people are switching to Internet-based television systems. IPTV services are can come cheaper than standard television subscriptions and they also deliver more value for money than any other service.

You can enjoy up to more than 40,000 to 60,0000 TV Channels, including popular television networks around the world like Sports, Entertainment, TV Shows, TV Series, Cartoons, News, and Music through one IPTV service, and that too for as low as 10$ per month.

Furthermore, you can also benefit from the idea of a video-on-demand feature that allows them to access their favorite shows without any extra downloads or streaming. All in all, IPTV services are a sign of the future of technology.

Many people these days especially in big developed countries are making a decision to turn to such services instead of normal cable hosting providers.

Such services are more than standard television cables as they provide high-quality video and audio services without any risk of being affected by weather, unlike dish tv cable services.

Let’s just talk about one of the most popular IPTV services out there, the Blerd Vision IPTV service in this article.

What Is Blerd Vision IPTV?

Blerd Vision IPTV is an online service that is operating all over the world. it provides seamless and high-quality channels to its users with very moderate pricing.

Blerd claims customer satisfaction as its top priority and this might be one of the reasons that the product always keeps updating.

Furthermore, Blerd also offers a huge list of channels to its users as well as a video-on-demand feature. Thus, viewers do not have to go to other platforms in order to view their desired content.

Blerd Vision also categorizes its channels into different categories. This way users can quickly jump into whatever they want to see.

You also have the feature of blocking specific categories if you do not desire to jump into any kind of undesired content. Blerd guarantees high-quality services and customer satisfaction.

Some key features of Blerd Vision IPTV are; 

Seamless streaming without any lag

High video quality

Affordable prices

Huge collection of shows/ channels in the VOD category

Offers over 15,000 channels

No lags or freezing even if users connect multiple devices at the same time

Allows users to connect up to 3 devices at a time

24/7 customer support and live Q/A section available

Customer staff is available even on weekends

Easy signup procedure. No paperwork or documentation is required. Users can cancel the subscription at any time

Does not check up on credit

No extra fees such as cancellation fees or activation fees

You can never go wrong with Blerd Vision IPTV services!

Channel List


Blerd Vision IPTV offers more than standard tv channels. The service provides you access to channels from around the world and you can watch them anytime.

This is an International brand service. Therefore, it offers channels from around the globe, especially from the US, UK, and Europe.

There is no specific channel list available on the official site of the Blerd Vision IPTV service. The reason behind it is that the company is always working on improving its channels and their overall quality. Therefore, the company sometimes adds more channels or removes some existing ones. On a rough estimate, it offers more than 15,000 channels and Live TV Channels.

All of the channels are available in high quality without any freezing issues or streaming problems. The channel’s UI is also very beautiful, interactive, and user-friendly. As mentioned above, the channels are organized into different categories.

Therefore, users do not have to keep scrolling in order to get to their desired station. They can simply select the category they want to watch and they have the channels in front of them within a second.

Some of the most popular channel categories available on Blerd Vision are Entertainment, Sports, News, Adult Content, PPV, and many more. These categories cover channels from all across Europe, the US, and other big nations. Users also have the option of VOD from these specific categories.

The channels are easy to swipe through and have minimal to no loading time at all. Blerd Vision IPTV is compatible with many devices including Apple or Android TVs, Firestick, or Smart TVs. Therefore, users of all kinds can benefit from this product.

One of the best features of the product is the Multi-Screen option which means that users can watch up to three to four channels on one screen at the same time.

Customer Service

Bled IPTV always aims at customer satisfaction as its top priority. They have one of the best customer support services available in the market.

They have a team of highly qualified individuals who are experts in their field. Therefore, they can help you with any sort of issue or problem you might face. Blerd also offers a 24/7 customer support service which means that the service team is accessible at all times.

Users can contact the team either in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours and someone is definitely going to be there to assist them.

The people working in the Customer Service department know how to deal with clients and have good service knowledge as well,

you are always in safe hands when working with Blerd.

Supported Devices

Blerd is a professional system and covers a wide range of users. Therefore, it is compatible with almost any kind of device out there. Some of the major devices that this service supports are;

Smart TVsiPadsPC
PlaystationsAndroid devices Laptops
Nvidia Shield TVApple TV 4KXbox One

The procedure of accessing channels or other media such as music is a very easy process on any device. The audio and the video quality remain almost the same (depending upon the limits of your device) and the users can access their desired content at any time.

You can also connect multiple devices at the same time and watch your favorite channels on them.

Payment Methods


Making payments on Blerd IPTV is very secure and fast. and has evolved its methods of payments and users have many options to choose from.

Since Blerd is an International service, therefore its payment methods are also very flexible and easy to choose from.

Some of the most common payment methods are;

Credit CardsPaypal
Payoneer Bitcoin
Discover NetworkVisa Card
Prepaid Cards
PayPal Cards

Your payment details and credentials are very safe with Blerd Vision IPTV due to their advanced security protocols and methodologies.

Pricing and Plans

They offer a total of 4 plans for their users to choose from. The pricing starts from 5$ to 60$. These plans are very affordable and very budget-friendly.

1 Month 1 Month Extra3 Month6 Month
connection 1connection 2connection 3connection 3
Price $5Price $10Price $30Price $60

The 5$ plan allows only 1 connection whereas the 10, 30, and 60$ plans allow up to 3 connections. A 5$ plan is still ideal for bachelors or singles who are living alone. The 30 and the 60$ plans also allow up to 3 months of subscription whereas the 5 and 10$ plans are only for 1 month.

Users can enjoy the same amount and types of channels as well as VODs on all plans. The number of channels or video quality or any such feature remains the same on all four plans.


You don’t need any technical background to access the services, simply need to download their application for IOS and Android Roku, or any device you use.

you will also get an app on your Amazon fire stick, Mag, and Roko as well as on standard smart television devices.


  • Budget-friendly
  • More value for money
  • High-quality video stream at all times
  • Regular system updates
  • Secure network


  • Needs active and high-quality internet connection
  • Limited access to free trials
  • No refunds

Is Blerd Vision IPTV legal?

IPTV is gradually making its way into the modern world and not many people are aware of it. However, there is no proof that using such services is illegal or disallowed by any means.

Blerd IPTV is a legal, secured, and trusted product with a long list f satisfied customers. The company has all the licenses to prove its legality and therefore, You can easily purchase the product without any risk of scams.


IPTV is a sign of the future of technology. Services such as the Blerd IPTV are making the lives of people easier and are a sign of modernization.

People who are fond of watching a lot of media must buy this product for sure as they can access all their favorite movies, videos, shows, live, and even events just through one service.

This was a complete review on this service hope you find it useful, if you liked it please don’t forget to share this review with others as well.

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