Best IPTV Reseller Panel Provider 2023 – Trusted Providers Review


IPTV is one of the favorite alternatives to cord-cutters as it offers Live TV channels over the internet. But it doesn’t end here because anyone can make some handsome money by selling this service. In this article, I am going to list some of the Best IPTV Reseller Panel Providers that you would love.

This simple guide is for all those newcomers who want to join the IPTV business but don’t know where to start. Since there are thousands of services available out there that’s why finding the right one is quite difficult. I have checked most of those services and now I am only listing those that are really worth trying.

The reseller plan of services is quite affordable and yet provides a huge number of channels and some advanced features as well. Most of the services that are listed here have 99.99% server uptime and almost every service is able to work with devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, MAG, EPG, and so on.

Best IPTV Reseller Panel Provider 2021

When we search for the IPTV reseller on the internet we probably get thousands of searches but the problem is not every service is good as they say on their website. It is because when I was thinking to start this business I tried several services but most of them were quite expensive and didn’t work like was mentioned there.

So, after spending some money on these services I finally found some of the best IPTV reseller panel providers that are actually worth the money. However, each of these providers has different plans, package costs, the number of channels, VODs, and so on that’s why check out each service and then choose accordingly.


IPTVTrends is my top pick for the list of best IPTV reseller panel providers since they have the best quality servers and a huge list of live TV channels from around the world.

Talking about the channels then the IPTVTrends have around 19,000+ live tv channels, 40,000+ latest & old Movies, and 60,000+ episodes of web series.

To provide the best service to the customers they have an anti-freezing technology so a user can stream movies or other content without interruption. Furthermore, the server uptime is also 99.99% and as I already use their service I never doubt their quality or face any sort of buffering.

IPTVtrends has the best packages for their customer as you will get 72 credits for just 288 USD which means $4 per credit. The credits can be used as 1 credit per month which means the more month you add the more credits will be consumed. In this way, you can sell IPTV for $6 or $7 to your customer and get a huge benefit from it.

Another thing that should be considered is that IPTVTrends provides customers with Xtreme UI that is way easier than any other interface. Including this, you are getting 20 free trials for your customers that can be also sold for $2 per trial to make some extra money through trials.

Key Features

  • It is an old service and has the fastest web servers.
  • IPTVTrends comes with anti-freezing technology.
  • The server uptime is 99.99% meaning no buffering issue.
  • Supports MAG, M3U, Enigma, Kodi, and almost every device.
  • Provides 72 credits for just $288.
  • It provides an Xtreme UI panel to its customers.
  • They have 19,000+ Live Channels and 60,000+ VODs.
  • A customer will get 20 trials for free (that can be sold).
  • It has the best 24/7 customer support through Skype.
  • They use Paypal for secure payments.


  • The reseller panel is quite expensive for some users.
  • The Bitcoin payment option is not available.


Kemo IPTV is another best IPTV reseller provider that you can consider as they are cheap for beginners and are also good at the same time. This IPTV service is available for quite a long time but now they have introduced their own reseller panel that can be purchased by a user who wants to make some money online.

The starting price of Kemo reseller is 150 US Dollars for 72 credits of which each credit will cost you around 2.10 USD. Similar to the IPTVTrends the credits can be consumed as 1 credit for a month and more can be used for additional months. Despite being cheaper they also have 99.99% server uptime for uninterrupted streaming.

Although since I am a user of this service I sometimes face a buffering issue which I don’t know why as I use other apps that work just fine. Other than they only provide 16,000+ live TV channels, 35,000+ Movies, and 40,000+ episodes of web series of which most of which are old.

But still, they provide Xtreme UI Panel to their customer just like IPTVTrends which means the setup process will be the same. Also, they are providing you with 10 free trials that are still less but in this price range, I think it is good because as a beginner this is the best service to start with.

Key Features

  • It is an affordable and the best choice for beginners.
  • Comes with 99.99% server uptime.
  • Xtreme UI for easy access to reseller panel.
  • It can be used with almost every device.
  • They have 16,000+ Live Channel, 35,000+ Movies and 40,000+ episodes.
  • 72 Credits can be purchased for just 150 U.S dollars.
  • Credit Card, Bitcoin, and Crypto Payments are available.
  • KemoIPTV provides 10 free trials in a reseller panel.
  • 24/7 support through email or live chat.


  • No option to pay with PayPal.
  • Sometimes they took a few days to respond through email.

Dream 4K

Now let’s talk about the next best IPTV reseller panel provider that is Dream 4K which is not so popular but still it is one of the good services that you should keep in mind. Unlike the two providers that I mentioned above, this provider doesn’t use the Xtreme UI but instead, uses Zapex UI for the panels.

This is yet another cheap reseller provider that you can buy as a beginner but keep in mind that their service is not good enough as compared to the others. Furthermore, the minimum credits that Dream4K sells are 120 which costs around 230 U.S Dollars which means each credit is about $1.9.

The reason why Dream4K is cheaper than the other two is that it has fewer channels as you will get a total of 10,000+ live channels and around 20,000+ Movies and Web-series. These channels are from various countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and so on.

With this service provider, you will get 50 free trials that you can give to your customer or simply sell a trial to earn some extra bucks. There is one thing that I didn’t like about this service you need to contact them to purchase a reseller panel because there is no buy option available on their website.

Key Features

  • Dream4K is an affordable and good service for beginners.
  • Zapex User Interface is provided with a reseller panel.
  • 120 credits are the minimum that can be purchased for 230 USD.
  • The sub-reseller option is also available (which means you can be a reseller).
  • It has 10,000+ live channels and 20,000+ VODs.
  • Dream4K offers a TV Guide (EPG).
  • Uses PayPal for secure transactions.
  • They provide 50 free trials to their customer.
  • An Anti-freezing technology is also available.
  • Works with Enigma, MAG, Kodi, and other devices.


  • To purchase a reseller you need to contact them first.
  • Zapex UI is hard to understand and use.
  • Customer support is not good as they took a few days to answer.

IPTV Bazar

IPTV Bazar is another reseller service available on the list from where you can purchase a reseller account and start your own IPTV business easily. This service provider has 10,000+ live TV channels and also 20,000+ VODs that mostly include some old movies and TV shows.

The subscription of IPTVBazar can be used with any device including macOS, Raspberry Pi, Windows, and even iOS or Kodi Media Player. Talking about the User-Interface then this service provider will give you a panel that runs on Xtreme Codes which is still simple and easy to use.

When it comes to the credits then the minimum amount that you can buy from IPTVBazar is 100 credits for 65€ where you get normal features. Except for this, they will provide you with 50 free trials and the number could be increased depending on the package you are purchasing.

However when you purchase 400 credits from them that 219€, you will get Private support through Skype and also a bonus from them. Other than this the normal support is not good as the private one because you will get a response a few hours later and there is no option for live chat.

Key Features

  • It has 10,000+ live channels and 20,000+ VODs.
  • This IPTV service works with every device including Kodi.
  • Xtreme Codes is used for the User-Interface of a panel.
  • The minimum order is 100 credits for 65€.
  • Private Skype support & Bonus for those who buy 400 credits.
  • 50, 70, and 100 free trials for a different plan.
  • Paypal, BitCash, BitCoin, and Etherium are available as payment methods.
  • They have 99.99% server uptime for uninterrupted streaming.
  • You can create as many users as you want.


  • We need to pay extra money for private support.
  • They might provide users with pirated content.
  • Service is quite expensive as they don’t have many channels.
  • Most of the movies and TV Shows are old and not updated yet.


The last reseller that I am going to list as the best IPTV reseller provider is IPTVPark which is an Indian company. This service provider offers 16,000+ live TV channels, 50,000+ Movies, and web-series episodes to their resellers. The service that they are providing works with most devices including Firestick, Roku, Laptops, and even Kodi.

Except this IPTV Park can also be used along with the Enigma, MAG but it doesn’t support TV Guide (EPG). Still, it is a really good service that you can buy to start your own business instantly. With this service provider, you can sell single or multiroom services to the customer that will cost additional credits.

IPTVPark uses the  Stalker UI which is quite better than the Zapex UI as it is really easy to use and you will be able to understand it instantly. Furthermore, you will get support from their customer that will help you to understand how to work and provide instructions to set up the account for the first time.

To satisfy your customer you will get  50 free trials that you can either give them or charge them to earn more money. With these trials, you won’t be charged any credit so feel free to use them as you please. However, they provide a minimum of 200 credits that cost around 190€ that is pretty high.

Key Features

  • It is an Indian-based IPTV service provider company.
  • They have 16,000+ channels and 50,000+ VODs.
  • It works with Firestick, Engima, MAG, and almost every device.
  • IPTVPark uses the Stalker UI which is easy to use.
  • 50 free trials will be provided to the users.
  • Payment options are Paypal, MasterCard, or Credit Card.
  • The server uptime is 99.99% for uninterrupted streaming.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support through email.


  • There is no Live Chat feature available.
  • This is quite an expensive service with fewer channels.
  • The minimum order is 200 credits for 190€.


During this pandemic, everybody is finding a way to make money through the internet and so IPTV selling is the best product that we can sell. Since many people are at home that’s why they are willing to find a way to keep them busy and TV is the only thing that can do this thing.

However, in this article, I have listed some of the best IPTV reseller panel providers from which you can buy credits and start selling your own service. Each of the providers that are listed here is quite amazing and you will surely love them once you purchase from them as I have already tested their service.

However, if you are confused over which one to choose then I would simply suggest going for the IPTVTrends because they provide advanced features and has a huge number of TV channels. Other than this they have a 24/7 live chat option and their team has communication skills that help you to set up an account for the first time.

Other than this they have anti-freezing technology that ensures the service you sell won’t get bad reviews. They also have 99.99% server uptime so your customers don’t have to face buffering problems. Overall it is really amazing service but still, you can go with others providers if you don’t have enough money.

Are you already using any other provider? or just purchase one of them from here then please don’t hesitate to share your precious opinion with me.

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