Best IPTV Player For Firestick 2023 – Most Recommended Players


The information technology sector has been innovating at extremely high speeds for the past twenty years. Phones went from being bricks that needed a bag to carry to small hand-sized computers that can access all the information in the world with a single touch. However, the existence of cable TV and the lack of innovation and adoption is still baffling. 

Cable companies refuse to innovate because their current business model allows them to charge high prices. However, for the average consumer, there is a way to get out of paying exorbitant cable bills by switching to Internet Protocol television or IPTV. 

Internet Protocol Television allows you to get the Television stream using your internet connection, effectively letting you cut the cord on your cable TV.

Getting an IPTV subscription is also a lot cheaper than traditional cable, giving you more TV channels and features. IPTV also supports higher quality pictures, and the visual fidelity is more excellent than conventional cable. 

Now that I have sold you on getting an IPTV subscription, let us move on to how you will play IPTV channels on your Firestick. There are a few players for that; however, before we mention some of the best ones here, let us first discuss what an IPTV player is and why you need it.

 What is an IPTV Player? 

An IPTV Player is an application that allows you to play an IPTV subscription on your devices.

IPTV providers provide their first-party application, and I recommend that you use that; however, getting an IPTV player is the way to go if you are someone with multiple IPTV subscriptions. An IPTV player will allow you to navigate through your subscriptions more seamlessly. 

However, even if your service has a first-party app, you can still consider getting an IPTV player to use instead of it.

Now before we move into the topic of discussing the Best IPTV Players For the Firestick, we first need to discuss whether or not IPTV player is legal or not?

The answer to that question is YES! IPTV Player only provides a platform for an IPTV service to provide its services; hence it is not responsible for any of the content shown using its software. If IPTV Players were illegal, they would not have been allowed on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. 

Best IPTV Player For Firestick

Now let us get into the meat of this topic and discuss the best IPTV player available to download on Firestick.

I believe that it is worth noting that unlike Android machines, where you can very easily download these applications using the Google Play Store, your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV will have you jump through a few hoops to download these applications.

However, do not let that discourage you, as Youtube is your friend in this regard, and there are hundreds of easy-to-follow tutorials that will allow you to install these applications in just a few minutes.

So, here is the best IPTV Player that you can get right now for your Firestick without wasting any more of your time. The list is not in any particular order. Instead, we are just listing the overall best IPTV players available in the market. This way, you can go with any one of these and have the best IPTV experience from the get-go.

IPTV Smarters

The first IPTV player on our list is IPTV Smarters, and through my testing, I have found that it has one of the best User interfaces in all of them. Like many others on this list, you have to do a bit extra work to install it on your Firestick; however, on other platforms like Android and iOS, you can install it directly from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

IPTV Smarters gives you the complete package right out of the box, and you do not need to install or rely on other providers for the video player or User Interface. The built-in interface is intuitive and easy to use. The Video player supports most of the codecs you need to watch your IPTV stream. 

IPTV Smarters also allows you to manage several of your IPTV subscriptions at the same time. The list of channels your IPTV provider provides you is laid out in a very user-friendly interface. You can sign in to your IPTV subscriptions in IPTV smarters through the provided M3U URL or a playlist file. 

Perfect Player IPTV

As its name suggests, Perfect Player IPTV tries to become the ideal IPTV player on the market, and they are constantly updating their app to support the cutting edge in IPTV technology. I have a few friends that use Perfect Player IPTV daily, and I have never heard any of them complaining about the app. 

The installation process for Perfect Player IPTV is easy if you use an Android or an iOS device; however, you need to sideload the app on your Amazon Firestick to make it usable. This will barely take a few minutes. Perfect Player IPTV is also available on other platforms like Linux and Windows. 

Once you have it all installed and set up, Perfect Player IPTV gives you a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to sign in to your IPTV subscription quickly. The app also allows you to manage as many IPTV subscriptions at the same time as your heart desires. 

You will also not be short on the sign-in options to your subscriptions in Perfect Player as it supports most of the URL and EPG formats like M3U, XSPF, XC, JTV, and XMLTV. This will allow you to pick and choose between IPTV providers very easily.


GSE Smart IPTV player is an excellent software if you are paying for more than one IPTV subscription. Once you sign in to your subscriptions in GSE Smart IPTV, you do not need to switch between any of those subscriptions, as all your channels will be neatly laid out on one single screen. No-Fuss, No worries is what GSE Smart IPTV is all about with their application.

To install GSE Smart IPTV on your Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, you will need to follow a small tutorial which is just a google search away and takes just a few easy steps to install.

However, on Android and iOS, you can very easily install it from their respective application stores for free. Windows and macOS users, however, are out of luck here as this GSE Smart IPTV does not support those platforms.

Once you are done with the setup and installation for GSE Smart IPTV, you can sign in using the M3U and EPG URLs provided by your IPTV provider.

You can very easily manage multiple IPTV subscriptions if you want to. Also, another great feature that GSE Smart IPTV has is that you can ditch the provided video player and use a third-party video player. 

If you have video files stored locally on your device, then GSE Smart IPTV allows you to play them directly from their app. You do not need to do extra steps like sharing them in the app.


Do excuse me for going a little off-topic for a second; I love the name of this app. Tivimate is an absolute play on words; however, it does not play when it comes to its service.

Tivimate is a great application that is primarily exclusive to Android IPTV boxes, and focusing on just that one market, they have built a definitive application.

Before we go any further, if you were looking for an App that will support your Amazon Firestick and your Android Phone, you are out of luck as the Tivimate developers currently do not help Android Phones. On the other hand, your Amazon Firestick is supported; however, you still need to sideload the application to Play it once again.

Once you are done with the process of setting up Tivimate on your Firestick, you will need to sign in to your IPTV provider using an M3U URL. With that out of the way, you will notice the Interface of Tivimate, which was built explicitly, keeping Television in mind.

The User Interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. You can also create a Playlist of the channels you regularly watch so you do not lose them and have to find them all the time. 

Tivimate also allows you to sign into and manage several IPTV subscriptions at the same time.

The developers at Tivimate are some of the most hardworking individuals as they are constantly working on updating and improving the app. I have not encountered any bugs at all during my use of this application. So kudos to the team at Tivimate.

Smart IPTV

We have mainly featured an IPTV player in our list that is free. However, we will also feature a paid one on this list as Smart IPTV will cost you around 6 dollars per device. This, however, is a one-time charge, and you will be getting free updates for the rest of your life.  

Now you might be asking why even consider a paid one when some of the best ones are free. Well, the answer to that question is that some free Android IPTV players may have ads baked into them, which can hinder your experience. So Smart IPTV gives you the best Ad-free experience after just a one-time charge.

Smart IPTV, however, does not lack behind at all when it comes to the service it provides. The installation process is as simple as it can get on your Firestick; however, it still needs to be sideloaded, and it is also available on Android. iOS users, however, are out of luck as that platform is currently not being supported. 

The User Interface is friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. You can manage multiple IPTV subscriptions at the same time. So, if you are looking for a stable and reliable platform for your IPTV-watching experience, then Smart IPTV is the way to go.


Natively Kodi is not an IPTV player. Instead, it is more of a media player; however, you can add several add-ons which can allow you online content.

So if you want to watch IPTV using Kodi as your IPTV player, you need to install a simple add-on called PVR IPTV. The installation of this add-on is simple and is available on the Kodi Add-on store.

Kodi is available on a massive range of Android, iOS, Windows, and so many more. Once again, the process of Installing Kodi on your Firestick will require you to sideload it using a simple online tutorial.

Once you install Kodi and the PVR IPTV add-on, you will use most of the IPTV subscriptions that support EPG or M3U URLs.

Duplex IPTV

Just like Smart IPTV, Duplex IPTV is also a premium paid app. However, unlike Smart IPTV, which is a one-time charge, Duplex IPTV charges a per-year subscription fee. 

Duplex IPTV is available on many devices, and you will need to sideload the application on your Amazon Firestick. However, the process of setting it up does not end there. Once you install the app, it will give you a device ID and device key to enter the Duplex website. There you will need to enter the EPG URL and set up your playlist.

Going this extra mile will save you potentially from a lot of work later on and give you an excellent IPTV experience.

Duplex TV does not support M3U URL’s so wary of that and check with your IPTV provider if they support EPG. Otherwise, you may need to pay more for an IPTV subscription that does support it. However, that can be mitigated by using Duplex IPTV’s free one-week trial.

Duplex IPTV offers a massive range of features like using Alexa as your voice remote and changing the audio track on channels that support it. 

IPTV Extreme

IPTV Extreme is a freeware program that is supported by advertisements in its application. If you do not like advertisements, you may skip this because this is not for you. However, for those who do not let ads stop them from using a great application, then IPTV Extreme is the IPTV player for you.

IPTV Extreme is available on Android, and as you might have guessed by now, it needs to be sideloaded to the Amazon Firestick. 

Once you install the app, it may even look somewhat dated in the interface department; however, the features you need are all there. IPTV Extreme also allows you to change the theme of the app.

IPTV Extreme supports EPG URLs, so do check with your IPTV provider if they support it.

VLC Media Player

We did say we are not ranking this list initially; however, we did save the best for last. If you are new to getting an IPTV subscription, chances are that the VLC media player is the only application you might have used before.

VLC Media Player is a top-rated and powerful application. It is open-source, which means that its source code is available to the public for general use. However, the application being free or open-source should not deter you. This application is extremely powerful in playing almost any video or audio file under the sun.

The VLC media player is available on most devices, including Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, Windows, and so many more. It has many features like playing media locally, subtitle controls, audio channel change, and other features for which we may need an entire article to list.

You can use a VLC media player to play your IPTV subscriptions, and it supports M3U and EPG URLs. 

So, if you are looking for an all-around IPTV and media-centric application, we believe that a VLC media player will be a great option to consider.


Well, this wraps up our article on the best IPTV Player available to you right now in 2021. Some are paid, some are freeware, and some are free with no advertisements whatsoever.

However, after spending time with tens of IPTV applications and singling out these nine, we believe that you will have a great time if you choose any one of these applications.

I hate sounding like a broken record. However, most of these applications are natively supported and built for android.

So if you want to use them on your Amazon Firestick, you will need to sideload all of these applications onto it using a few helpful online tutorials. It is effortless and will only take a few minutes, so do not let it discourage you from trying in the first place.

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