Beelink GT King Pro Review 2023 – The Best Android TV Box


I know you are struggling to find an Android TV box that is robust enough to act as your very own media hub and modify your TV into a qualified gaming station, then worry not as here I brought you a complete review of the Beelink GT King Pro Android TV Box. 

I believe it is one of the most powerful TV boxes on the market, I know you must be pounding upon reasons and facts to ensure either I am right or wrong. So let me tell you that I have genuine reasons to prove how good I found the Beelink GT king Android box. 

If you are a tech freak like me who is searching for powerful hardware that opens wide options like personalizing your entertainment system just the way you want it to be, then this is definitely for you.

But I need to warn you that if you are a settled streamer who just wants to enjoy updated programs on Netflix in 4K, this box is not for you, you will find it overpriced and expensive. 

Give a quick read to my full review below, to decide whether the Beelink GT King Pro is the correct choice for you or not.

For your convenience,

I have prominently mentioned the pros and cons of the product and over everything, you will get a comparison chart that will clear the fog in your mind. 

How to Analyze The Credibility Of The box?

I know it’s not an easy decision to spend a fortune on an entertainment device; you need genuine and credible information earlier. So here I will help you by sharing my experience with Beelink GT King  Pro Android Box. 

I will rate it as 4/5 as I personally think this is an extraordinary box and a perfect choice if you are searching for a robust media hub to offer you private content. I already mentioned this box is not for the average streamers searching for NETFLIX and Prime Videos.   

Now coming towards the price that might take your attention. So let me tell you that NVIDIA Shield Pro is one of its biggest competitors, yes you heard it right. NVIDIA is an expensive box whereas Beelink offers similar features at a much lesser price. 

Key Features

OSAndroid 9.0 Pie 
GPUMali-G52 – MP6
Processor AMLogic S922X, Hexa Core SoC
HDMI Version 2.1, 4K output at 75Hz 
AUDIOSerial Digital Audio SPDIF 
5.1 Surround Sound Output
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, HDMI, USB2.0, WiFi, USB3.0
Expandable Storage MicroSD/TF – up to 128 GB
USB Ports 2 x USB Type-A 3.0 , 1 x USB Type-A 2.0 
WIFI802.11 a/b/g/n/ax, 2.4G/5G Dual Band
EthernetRJ45 Port – 1000M 
BluetoothBT 4.1
AccessoriesG10 2.4Ghz Wireless Air-Mouse, Power Adapter, Manual
Dimensions4.69 x 4.69 x 0.7 inches
Controller Type Remote Control, Voice Control
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What Beelink GT Pro Box Has Offer? 


The box features a fat AMLogic S922X Hexa-Core SoC processor, with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and an advance 64GB eMMC built-in storage running on Android 9.0 Pie. I admit that this Android TV box is fast and offers a lot of features. 

Every tech freak like me will definitely worry about the dimensions of the box, as it does matter a lot. So it measures 4.2×4.2×0.63 inches only, is well designed, and is a compact box for easy fitting in your TV chest. It has an Alien head attached on the top, the alien eyes light up when the box is switched on.

You can attach 2 USBs with the box, one with Type – 3.0 ports and the other one with USB Type-A 2.0 ports to connect and use the USB devices. 

The connectivity is provided with updates 802.11 a/b/g/n/ax, 2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi6, 1000M ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.1. When I check its speed it maxed out my WiFi and Ethernet i.e. 200Mb connections, not only this but Bluetooth works perfectly with no interference or disconnections, with the gaming controller. 

If you are like me and are always searching for an updated android box the Beelink is an ideal selection. You can download all its applications from the Google play store or from the website of your choice via browser.  

The GT box offers everything that you might seek inexpensive android box, if I compare another device with the GT box then you will be able to observe that even simple tasks like navigating the menu or switching channels have proper patterns, and every feature is well designed.

It also has some inbuilt applications that have a prominent increase in the performance of the box, and unmatched and unique features. It’s a faster processor, and you will definitely observe the difference. 

It is an ideal android streaming box, and if you install Android 9 Pie it will offer the best compatibilities and performances. I have tried it and trust me it was one of the best ideas so far.

I claim that in case you are looking for an android box for streaming then this one is the best one in such a reasonable price range.

It has many quality features altogether i.e. fast processor, ideal internet capability, and unlimited storage space, this device is a credible and genuine android box for the following year. 

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Technical Specifications


  • 4K at 75 frames per second
  • HDMI 3D Video Formats
  • 7.1 Audio Pass-through


  • S922X-H Hexa-core CPU
  • Hexa-core ARM G52 MP6 GPU
  • 1 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0
  • TF Card slot
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB ROM
  • 2.4G+5.8G Dual Wi-Fi
  • 1000M Ethernet connection
  • Bluetooth 4.1


  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • H,263, H.264, H.265 and HD MPEG4


  • Voice remote with Google Assistant
  • Air mouse remote control

System Requirements

The complete system of the device is built on an S922X-H Hexa-core CPY and a Hexa-core ARM G52 MP6 GPU. I feel this system is way more powerful than the one provided by the Tegra X1 core, used In the NVIDIA shield. Both systems are amazing, yes!! They are but the difference lies in the price tag.  

Not only will this but you also get 4 GB of memory and 6 GB of storage ability, in the GT android box. You will get a TF card slot that will allow you to plug in the box to another 4 TB of storage if you wish to.

So this is my justification for the earlier statement when I said, it is an ideal device and acts as a media hub as well. The large storage ability makes it one of the spacious boxes that not only help play but also act as a personal media hub. 

The best part of this TV box is that the Beelink GT King has one USB 2.0 slot and two USB 3.0 slots as well. These are the main slots that help you to personalize your device by plugging in the controllers, keyboards, and almost everything else you want to watch on your big screen through this mighty box. This box is a dream come true for gamers. 

It has an extraordinary ability to deliver 4K output at 75 frames per second along with 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Audio and the DTS Listen.

I love its lightning-fast connection speed, when you have options between dual Wi-Fi at 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz or even at 1000 Mbps ethernet connections.

For this quick processing, advanced and updated H.265 decoding is used. I admit that I did not experience any lag time, while I tried to stream anything through this device.   


Coming towards the remote controller. Well, it’s really good and anatomically designed with an air mouse that helps to make navigation an easy task.

Along with it, it also has a Google Assistant built-in that works really well. Well wow doesn’t all this sounds great to you? So you must be wondering how any device can be so perfect. Well, you are right, as here I have something for you. 

The box can only run on Android 9.0 Pie, this version is the standard Smartphone version of the operating system. One of the ideal systems but yes you will be limited, and restricted and will have no other option left in case you want to try any experiment.

This version is first of all not the Android TV operating system 9.0 and moreover, it is not even the updated latest version of the typical and standard operating system just like 10.0. 

I know you must be puzzled and double-minded right now, as you might think that you deserve a better and up-to-date system at such a price tag, isn’t it? 

The only problem I had with this version is that it does not open/unlock Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in 4K. It does have specifications to unlock them, but the problem is that the Beelink device is not listed as an authorized device to access 4K content on both of the streaming services.

So although having all the features and options available at your home, still you are forced to stream your favorite episodes on your 1080P devices. 

Another point that may shake you up about this device is, it does not have any updates. And you know what that means? That the machine may become outdated quickly and you will see your money getting wasted.

So I do not say that it’s a long-term investment. 

What I like about Beelink GT King Pro Android Box

The moment I opened the box I was impressed with the box, package and the quality of every product. It has amazing built quality with a green alien on the box with illuminating green eyes.

I love its specs, as I believe it is the only thing that makes it strong and stands out from its competitors. Before even switching on the box, just touching it will make you feel special ad you will realize how good the box is.

It will support the new Amlogic S922X, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. You will also get 5G WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and a high-quality Bluetooth 4.1. 

It has a sharp and quick system and I have not noticed any lag when using the box, watching movies, TV shows, IPTV, etc. It played all of the video formats that I played on it that includes H.263, and H.264. H.265 and HD MPEG4.

So I can say it is according to my expectations. 

What I don’t like about Beelink GT King  Pro Android Box

I didn’t like the typical Beelink launcher, as it’s obsolete and I have seen it many times before. I was expecting something new in fact extraordinary from Beelink GT King Android.

The remote control has a voice command button, but it does work with every system. The box does not get any updates so it will be outdated soon, this thing was really upsetting for me. 

Apart from these few mentioned issues; I find the box perfect and recommend you all to buy it. Here are a few very prominent and key pros/cons that I wanted you guys to know about. 


  • Powerful and most modern hardware
  • Streams 4K at 75 fps and 3D
  • Loads of storage with 64 GB of ROM and expandable up to another 4 TB
  • Lots of USB 3.0 ports for customizing
  • Air mouse remote with good voice command in-built
  • Attractive look, with an alien head and blinking red eyes
  • Pocket friendly as compared to other boxes in the market
  • Offers a huge amount of options to put anything on the big screen, via USB port connections 


  • Runs off Android Pie 9.0
  • Will not unlock 4K content on major streaming services
  • No operating system updates are available
  • It Will be outdated quickly 

What You Will Get in the Packaging Box?


After knowing the worth of the Beelink GT King Android Box the first thing that will pop into your mind will be, what I will get in the box? You might make a vague sketch of getting a lot of wires and batteries but that’s not true. Here is what you will find in the box once you unbox it.

The GT King comes in a simple rectangular card box with Alien in green color and a box picture on it with Beelink GT King Box written on the front side.

Technical information is also written on the sides, the model number can be found on the base of the box. You will get GT Box once you open the box, fixed inside thermopile packing to protect it from external shock and to ensure safe shipping. 

In addition to the remote you will get the following aiding gadgets:

  • 1 x Beelink GT King
  • 1 x Air mouse 
  • 1 x Power Adapter 
  • 1 x HDMI Cable 
  • 1 x 8GB CoreELEC SD Card
  • 1 x User Manual 

A warranty card is also provided in the box in plastic packing to keep it safe, red color warranty is written on the card to ensure it stays prominent and visible. 


Most Android box companies do not offer a warranty, but you will be lucky to purchase Beelink GT King Android Box as the company offers 1 year of warranty, in case of any manufacturer-related fault, breakage, or even burnt cases due to sparking.  They offer lifetime repair offers to their customers and respond quickly within 42 hours. 

I am a genuine case, my home electricity went high and burnt the box, I was so worried and stressed out to see my money getting wasted but then I contacted their customer services support and a team arrived within 24 hours and mend my box. 

Customer support

The best thing about Beelink GT King is their active, quick and responsible customer support system; the company has built a well-planned system to help any customer at any time of the day. I mean they offer a 24/7 service via the following means:

  • Call center. They are available for 2hrs to 5hrs a day,
  • Email. Estimated response time 24 hours and 3 days a week. 

I always thought I was a gaming expert, but I also struck twice and when I contacted their customer services portal, the response was excellent, quick, and productive. They rescued me and guided every inch so that I may not be struck again further. 

They claim their resolution time is 5 min to 1 hour, and I agree with their claim. Highly trustworthy. 


The box is comparatively pocket friendly as it’s designed to help customers get quality, features, and affordability. It is offering the best price as compared to competitive boxes in the market. You get so many features with this price tag, trust me it’s a difficult combination to find in the market. 

I find this box really entertaining useful and decent at the best price. I have been using Beelink GT King Box for 10 years and its price never changed with regular inflation.

They are still selling their box at the same old price despite inflation in the world. For all those buyers who have a small pocket, Beelink GT King Box is an ideal remote for you. 

A pro tip: if you want to use a box for a lifetime, then Beelink is not for you as it does not get updated with time. 

System and Performance

To check its performance and system quality I connected the Beelink GT-King to the current and it started automatically, impressive. The alien logo of the band appeared and the lights turn red. I arrived at the launcher by default based on the square.

The box provides two customizable side sheets and a plus sign icon where you can add your shortcuts on the main screen. This is a basic design that is to be used with the remote control; you will be able to update the launcher as soon as the new Beelink design comes on the market.

If you want to search with Google search, then you can use the microphone of the fly mouse. But if you want to use a high-quality microphone you will have to install Google Assistant to improve the results.


Basic launcher, yes you will be able to change the launcher but only the pixel launcher works 100%/ Android UI rendering at 1080p. 

Multitasking & access 

You with getting on WITH on-screen access bars/ Multitasking is also available directly in 2X home controls. 

Installed Apps.

You will get Google Play, Netflix, Update, AppInstaller, AppMarket, Bee Files, Be Music, Galery, DLNA, and settings. 


Luckily the box covers all of the international android languages. 

On/OFF Controls 

If you will keep on pressing the power button you will have both reset and power off options and a configurable one in the settings as well. 

Nvidia Shield TV Pro VS Beelink GT King Pro

What I believe is that Beelink King is a premium Android TV box, so I don’t like to compare it with any of the android boxes in the market. But I know many of you want to know the difference and facts that how Beelink is superseding the best NIVIDA box in the market.

I know you want this box because of its price and its premium features. So let’s dig into the details of the biggest competitor of Beelink Pro i.e. NVIDIA Shield. 

The first and most important thing I would like to mention first is the price difference; the NVIDIA Shield device is expensive due to its hype in the market.

That is why I prefer Beelink and I am completely satisfied with every feature it offered me so far. The NVIDIA has Tegra x1 + core power supply.

On contrary the GT Beelink does not get power from Tegra x 1 +core instead it has a GT Beelink King Pro’s powerful CPU. To improve your content it delivers 4K and smart AI 4K upscaling. 

The NVIDIA shield completely matched the GT Beelink for hardware in terms of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB ports. It also has GiGa bytes ethernet connections for the best possible speeds. You will also get Google Assistant voice control built-in as well and it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. 

You will not like NVIDIA because it has only 3 GB of RAM and only 16 GB of ROM. But it is designed so immaculy that it doesn’t need more than that. You can also plug in external storage through USB 3.0 ports. 

One of the biggest differences with NVIDIA Shield is that you can unlock Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other your favorite streaming services in full 4K.

If this is your point of selection then NVIDIA Shield should be your choice between these two robust players. 

NVIDIA Shield ProBeelink GT King Pro
CPU : Amlogic S922XCPU : Amlogics S923S
Core: Hexa CoreCore: Hexa Core
RAM : 4GRAM : 4G
RAM : 4GRAM : 4G
Audio Format : AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM, WMAAudio Format :AAK, FLAB, MP4, OGG,RM,WMA
Video Format : AVI, DAT, ISO, MKV, MP4, MPEG, RM, WMVVideo Format : AVI, DAT, ISO, MKV, MP4, MPEG, RM, WMVV
WiFi : YesWiFi : Yes


This is all from today’s Beelink GT King Pro review. Starting from its basic large storage capacity to its customized features GT King is covering every aspect that its customers demand.

I literally fell in love after using it for a week. Its design, price, and features all are designed to help users and support the devices it connects to. 

I love using most of my entertainment devices at the same time, while watching movies I prefer to play games in my home theatre and turn off the lights using Google Home smart speakers. Its remote allows me to use a lot of devices and features along with the box.

The box remote batteries last longer than you can imagine its quick power start is my favorite part; you do not have to wait for an hour to start playing your favorite game. 

Putting it in a nutshell, Beelink GT King Android Box is one of the best boxes available in the market at such a reasonable price.

Do leave your comment in the section below and allow me to know how much my review helped you. 

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