Alien Streams IPTV Review 2023 – Is This Best Service Provider


Why is the cable television network system no longer an important source of entertainment? Why is IPTV considered the replacement for cabled TV? And, the most important question is how can you bring on-screen your favorite programs you missed. All of these queries will be answered below.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Due to the beginning of IPTV, the television industry has evolved in recent years. As we all know, the viewing habits of the public have changed. They are demanding access to hundreds of favorite programs in HD quality,.anytime, and anywhere.

The server-based time shift service in IPTV allows the user to view previous programs on the screen. This led television to the back seat of IPTV bringing a one-time solution. All you need is broadband with an exceeding speed of 20MB/s. 

Among the user-friendly and HD quality services, Alien Stream IPTV service tops the list. Without even the use of a computer, you can get multiple channels with better image and sound quality. 

Alien Streams is not available on Amazon App Store or Google Play Store. But users can access it through different IPTV players with the help of the guide below.

What is Alien Streams IPTV?

After the downfall of ModPro, Alien Streams became the ultimate choice for those who were looking for a live streaming option. Alien Stream TV is a popular IPTV service provider. They provide 3,000- 8,000 channels, most of them in HD quality. 

The pocket-friendly subscription plan includes channels categorized in genres such as news, sports, religion, entertainment, action, drama, and much more. Apart from national channels, you can also access international channels from Europe, United Arab Emirates, India, Latin America, the Philippines, and Spain. 

You have to create an account and sign in before using it. After logging in, choose a purchase plan of your choice. The basic plan includes one connection and allows a three-day free trial for beginners. It can be installed on Fire TV and other android devices. The major plus point is that it supports external video players.

Alien Streams IPTV Channels

Why would you switch to any other television network when you can watch every channel right in one place? Alien stream IPTV covers all genres. For your ease, the channel list is sorted into these genres. After choosing a genre of your choice, you are redirected to those channels. Thus, it is saving you from the hassle of scrolling between different channels. Just choose what you want and watch! 

While ensuring seamless streaming, Alien Stream provides VOD (Video on Demand). So, you do not have to worry about missing out on your favorite programs. Dope isn’t it? 

The standard subscription plan for Alien streams starts at $10.0 per month. This plan is offering over 8,000 live channels in a variety of categories as mentioned above. Unlike other live TV services, Alien stream provides exclusive offers like PPV and sports packages. 

There are over 500 local channels from the United States of America, 600 from the United Kingdom as well as 300 from Canada. These local channels cover regional as well as national channels. The live TV channels included in this service are Live ESPN, UEFA, United Kingdom 24/7 news, United Kingdom 24/7 sports, and Spanish documentary channels. 

Customer Service

Having one of the best customer support services in the market, Alien IPTV shields the personal data of users. Users can get peace of mind each time they log in to the IPTV. You can contact their 24/7 customer service. 

In case you want to submit a support ticket, the efficient working team is there to provide after-sales service as well. You can always reach out to them as their customer service is super responsive. 

With the most experienced and professional communication skills, their team is available to aid the users. Their comprehensive knowledge will solve all of your IPTV-related problems. You can always stream anywhere without limitations. So, you do not have to worry while using public Wi-Fi networks as you are in safe hands.

Supported Devices

Alien IPTV service is compatible, for installation, with many devices. One of the many reasons for the popularity of Alien IPTV is that many devices support this IPTV service. You can easily install the Alien stream service on the most popular streaming device i.e. Amazon Firestick.  

Users can watch their favorite TV shows or movies on their android devices. These devices include Amazon TV, Android Box TV, Fire TV, and NVIDIA SHIELD. Apart from these, you can also download Alien IPTV on iPhone, iPad, MAC, LINUX, PS4, and different browser extensions on Windows.

All it needs is just broadband to connect the device to the IPTV service. There is no need for any technical knowledge as there is no complex setup required for this purpose. Hence, you can tune in to your favorite shows anywhere in the blink of an eye.

Payment Methods

Making the payments for an IPTV service could never be easier. The payment method is swift and coherent. Whether you want to pay through PayPal, Visa Card, or Master Card, it’s all up to you. 

It is important to use a valid email address as there are no security issues. In case of credit card payment failure, make sure to check the billing zip and CVC code correctly. 

Pricing and Plans

Since you have to access thousands of channels in HD quality, Alien stream offers four different, flexible subscription plans. The difference in these plans is based on the preferred channels and subscription length. Starting at $10.00 per month, subscriptions include the following;

  • $10.00 for one month
  • $30.00 for 3 months
  • $50.00 for 6 months
  • $100.00 for one year 


Although all plans allow only one connection, more can be added during registration. All of these plans offer over 8000 channels covering many genres.

A monthly subscription to any IPTV service is better than year-long plans as services may go offline sometimes. As of writing this post, their budget-friendly plan gives a 3-day free trial for beginners as mentioned earlier. This is to ensure the satisfaction of the users. 

So, you get to decide whether to purchase the subscription without having to purchase any. After using this service for myself, I can assure you Alien IPTV is worth the price.

Their IPTV Application

From channels list to compatibility, to subscription plans, Alien IPTV proves its portability in every way. The complete setup of this service is easy as we cannot carry a TV everywhere. The stable and reliable server guarantees 24/7 support. 

All you have to do is to download the IPTV app and log in through the given link. After following the step-by-step instructions on their website, you can set up Alien IPTV on android devices, iPhones, iPad, PS4, and MAC. No professional background is required for setting up these devices.

For stable service, always keep track of the updates and keep updating the app if necessary. This is to make sure that the user gets a seamless streaming service.


  • The effective integration of Alien IPTV allows you to stream your favorite live shows, web series, and a lot more with over 8000 channels.
  • It automatically connects multiple devices to broadband thus eliminating any cable hassles. You do not have to worry about any hideous cabling work.
  • Transforming the television into a computer, it performs surprisingly by giving HD quality content.
  • It consolidates mobile and internet services with television leading to prominent lower costs.
  • This IPTV service offers 24/7, reliable, responsive, and cooperative customer support service for your satisfaction


  • The one and only con of Alien IPTV service are that you would need a relatively faster internet depending on the streaming.

How Do You Register For Alien Streams IPTV Service

This popular IPTV service has a beginner-friendly registration procedure;

  1. Go to their website and select a subscription plan of your choice.
  2. Choose a compatible device in order to proceed.
  3. After completing the payment, wait for a couple of minutes for the device to be set up.
  4. You can go on a live stream spree when the setup is complete.


Being an alternative to cable television, IPTV has become most popular in the market and around the globe. The revolutionizing era of the 21st century has a lot to offer. Yet IPTV is bringing an end to cable and satellites and becoming the future. 

IPTV is considered the newest form of television to date. Since then, it has always been crucial to find an IPTV service provider which is efficient as well as affordable. Alien stream IPTV is the one for you. Regardless of providing over 8000 channels, this IPTV service minimizes buffering and technical issues. 

Alien stream IPTV gives the first impression of service without a proper license. But, it is an authentic provider with attested services. It is well accommodating with our fast-paced lifestyles. 

Majority of the people do not opt for Netflix because of the expensive pricing. Alien stream is the IPTV service for money. Also, it allows you to access the 3 R’s i.e. Rewind, Re-watch, and Record. You can avail yourself of their highly efficient customer care as well.

As a final observation, Alien stream IPTV is a well-grounded service provider. It has been able to reach my satisfaction level and would reach yours as well.  So don’t miss your window as time is money! 

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